Child Stars – Where Are They Now?

Remember the kids who you used to watch on TV? The boys you told your mom you were going to marry when you were 7 years old? Or the irritatingly pretty blonde cookies that presented the kids channels? Well, I was wondering what happened to them and came across some interesting stories…

1) Macaulay Culkin – The Home Alone Kid

Well if you don’t know who he is, you should be shot. Dead. Right now.  He was the kid who played Kevin McCallister is Home Alone and Home Alone 2: Lost in New York. He was the ultimate child star and even hung out with Michael Jackson before everyone thought he was creepy. He was just that cool. Now though, although he’s still acting, Culkin plays in very abstract, weird movies like Robot Chicken, Sex and Breakfast and The Wrong Ferarri, A Screwball Tragedy – A Film by Adam Green. He didn’t grow up to be a hottie either, which is pretty sad.

2) Candice Hillebrand – The KTV girl

Despite my damndest efforts ladies and gentlemen, finding a young, wholesome, fully-clothed “before” picture of Miss Hillebrand is about as impossible as finding Danny K’s last name online. Well, you know her, she was the pretty blonde girl on KTV all the boys at school drooled over and all the girls at school wanted to look like. She has since released an album called Chasing Your Tomorrows (she can sing??) and also appeared in America’s Maxim Mag. Oh and then she starred as some superhero in some bad Playstation game movie wearing some funny contraption. Nice.

3) Alyssa Milano – The Who’s the Boss and Charmed girl

Yes you remember her as Samantha in Who’s the Boss and Phoebe in Charmed, but she does other stuff too! She’s starred in movies like Fear and Buying the Cow and made so many TV appearances including My Name is Earl, Melrose Place, Spin City, Fantacy Land, Castle andFamily Guy. Recently I watched a movie with her in called My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend, but it totally sucked, so don’t even bother. Apparently she also starred in a movie called Hall Pass with Owen Wilson and Christina Applegate, so maybe it’s not a total loss. On the other hand, she’s been doing a lot of campaign work for UNISEF, raising money for women and children with AIDS here in sunny SA and helps out PETA a lot. Oh and I think at some stage this year she got preggers, so cute!

4) Molly Ringwald – The 80’s Movie Girl

It’s as if when the 80’s left us, so did the star of Pretty in Pink and The Breakfast Club… honestly! When was the last time you saw a movie with her other than some random chick flick on etv on a Thursday night? Since then she’s turned down major roles for Pretty Woman and Ghost (can you say epic fail?), done a couple of french movies, did When Harry Met Sally on the West End in London, played the flight attendant in Not Another Teen Movie, got married, had kids (twins are included) and starred in a couple TV shows too. Life is still good, although she’s not as famous as previous years.

5) Corey Feldman – The 80’s Movie Guy

Shame, Corey just got old and didn’t blossom terribly good-looking either. The guy who starred in movies like Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter,Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and The Lost Boys is now a Hollywood divorsee and of late he has starred in two sequels of The Lost Boys that I have never heard of. Oh and apparently he stars in Katy Perry’s Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F) music video. So things can’t be that bad for ol’ Corey.

Anyway so there you have it, another trip down memory lane brought to you by yours truely. Have a super hump day y’all!


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4 responses to “Child Stars – Where Are They Now?

  1. Macaulay looks like his one nostril works. Like a hound dogs. and its turning his face into some odd shape to find what ever scent he has picked up. And Candice said that her name was pronounced Can-deese.. why? because she had a lisp! so much for being the perfect girl. never liked her. Oh well, she can be like heff’s new bunny or something. She always had that “im better than you attitude”. haha. loved this post! xx

  2. Oh my god, Candice Hillebrand looks fabulous! ha ha ha…. aaah im sure alyssa is happy she got rid of “THE HAIR” hahahaha

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