Tyra Reveals More Information on the 15th Season

Sandylash, my stunning co-bloggeress posted a while back about the hit TV series, America’s Next Top Model. About 3 weeks ago, Tyra Banks the host, possible creator (too lazy to google it so don’t hold me to it) and general entrepreneur of ANTM announced that the upcoming 15th season is going to be the “best” yet. The show follows the transformation of everyday American girls to aspiring models into potentially fierce super models or that would be the aim anyway! If you don’t know about the show, don’t bother reading on… I will bore you to sleep 🙂

The winner of the upcoming season will receive two spreads in Vogue Italia magazine and a breakthrough contract with IMG Models. The express how intense and what a breakthrough a contract with IMG Models is, Gisele Bundchen and Kate Moss are currently signed with them.

As for the Vogue Italia feature, this was made possible when Tyra and magazine editor, Franca Sozzonni maintained a friendly relationship after Tyra agreed to be featured in the magazines July 2008 issue which only featured black models.

Tyra expressed that they are going to be looking for a winner that will have international appeal, and should be able to be featured in other markets other than just main stream American modelling but for the likes of Britan and France too.

Are you excited? I know Sandy is 😉 I am too!



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7 responses to “Tyra Reveals More Information on the 15th Season

  1. good heavens, the person that doesnt know about ANTM is hiding in a cave, honestly! But Fi, did you have to get a pic that shows off Tyra’s ever so “fabulous” legs? haha. she has chicken legs. look, i aint perfect at all. but gosh.. hey atleast girls with chicken legs can aspire to be models too! haha. BUT YES.. IM UBER EXCITED!

  2. ooooh cool! I can’t wait either!!!

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  4. “Woe to the man whose heart has not learned while young to hope, to love – and to put its trust in life.” ~ Joseph Conrad

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