136 Days of Your Life

Ladies, has your other half ever complained about how long it takes for you to get ready before you go out? Or how long you take to get ready before work in the mornings? Well, it may be true.

According to a survey the average woman takes 3 276 hours of a lifetime to get ready: putting on clothes, ,makeup, skin routines, hair styling, body washing which is equivalent to a whopping 136 days of your life. Compared to men who only spend 45 days getting ready which is approximately a third of that of a woman.

Despite spending an awful lot of time getting ready two thirds of woman expressed during the survey that it was in fact a chore (I disagree!!!), and just one third thinking that they loved prepping, preening and primping themselves yup, thats mee.

The survey revealed the difference between the northern hemisphere woman and the southern hemisphere woman as two-thirds of northerners go out at least 2 times per weekend whereas only half of those in the south do the same. As well as that northerners spend an extra 20 mins getting ready each day, that’s a whole lot of time infront of the mirror.

Interesting stuff…. Woman really are facisnating creatures! ha ha



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2 responses to “136 Days of Your Life

  1. hahaha i beg to differ! My boyfriend takes sooooo much longer than me! Doing who knows what! lol! I don’t like to faf so much, but then, i’m just weird 😛

  2. omw!!!!! A CHORE???!!!!! WHO THE HECK ARE THESE WOMEN? A chore??? I almost fell off my chair reading this!!!!! A chore??????? good heavens! Well, when my man is with me i leave him to sleep in the mornings and i wake up a little earlier so that when he gets up im usually pweedy. And even when we have an event to go to, he loves that i dress up and do my thing! he loves my hair poofing, dipping my face in make-up and smelling good, heels and all! ……………… chore? No!!! A woman should just do this naturally, just like men scratch their balls!!!!!!!!!

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