Rugby World Cup 2011: South Africa’s Hotties

When I logged onto my Facebook this morning and saw on our Pout Perfection page where Fi and Sandy were having a conversation about not bothering to watch the world cup, I nearly fell on my back! Not watch it? Really? Where’s your team spirit ladies? *shakes head*

Now, I’m not exactly what you call “sporty” either, but I can introduce you to a couple of reasons why I’ll be watching the world cup…

Reason 1) Francois Steyn


Reason 2) Bismark Du Plessis

Reason 3) Morne Steyn


Reason 4) Heinrich Russouw 

& Reason 5) Patrick Lambie


So come on ladies, let’s all do our men and our country a favour by supporting them on Sunday, 11 September, wearing our jerseys proudly with our Savannah’s in hand, because let’s face it – you don’t need much more reason, do you? 😉


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2 responses to “Rugby World Cup 2011: South Africa’s Hotties

  1. goodness marinda, if you knew me properly you would know that showing me pics of sportsman does nothing for me. nothing tingles! hahaha. pfffft. if i have to say who i support it would be SA and NZ… both of them!

  2. check out rose russo’s channel “rosebud143
    she shows a way better way to do this style(=

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