Makeup Brush Care

Your number one item on your to-do list is not likely to be washing your make-up brushes, and neither are other beauty chores, like clearing out your make-up bag.  However, I highly recommend a fortnightly routine to clean your make-up brushes to get rid of all the germs, dirt and other nasties that get clogged up in your brushes.

Your blusher brush, foundation brush or sponge, eye shadow and lip brushes need washing regularly with a mild shampoo.  Leave your brushes to soak in a sink full of water and a little shampoo for approx two minutes and then gently rub the bristles, taking care not to scrub them.  Most make-up brushes are fragile, so handle them carefully.  Then squeeze the excess water down the brush.  Then empty the water from the sink and refill, leaving the brushes to soak for a further 30 mins.

missfitz off topic: It is not necessary for anything harsher than shampoo to be used on your own personal brushes, as you should only be using them on yourself, as a makeup artist I clean my brushes with alcohol which elimates all germs that may possibly be transferred from client to client, however it can shorten the life of your brushes as the glue that holds the hair in can start to be eaten away by the alcohol.

Pat the brushes/applicators dry with a towel, and leave them to air dry, without rubbing them.

Start this new beauty routine today, keeping your make-up brushes and applicators clean and hygienic and it just might make a difference to your skin!

Be honest, when was the last time you did this? 😉 don’t worry, no one needs to put their hand up but you know…. and your poor skin knows too!!

Do it for me pouters!



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2 responses to “Makeup Brush Care

  1. Miss Fitz.. i might have you know that i washed mine last night! haha. And i do so on a regular basis. shampoo is also what i use. But when i do makeup peeps, i use shampoo and savlon. I also tell them, hey i washed my brushes, did you wash your face? hahahaha xx

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