Marinda’s Favourite Bad Fashion Trend Setters

So Pouters, since this is officially my 100th post, I thought I’d treat you guys with my favourite guilty pleasure in the whole wide world – BAD TREND SETTERS! There’s something about people dressing like they have no mirror in their house that fascinate me to no end! From (you guessed it) Lady Gaga, to Bjork, to Perez Hilton, to Snooki – there’s nothing more delicious than admiring their courage to strut the red carpet like they own it, whether they’re wearing meat, a bird or well… nothing! Here I bring you my – Marinda Liza’s – favourite bad fashion trend setters!

Queen of the “ROT” – Yo-Landi Vi$$er:

Lady Gaga (her Kermit the Frog jacket was my ultimate favourite):

Katie Price:

Luna Lovegood (From Harry Potter):

Perez Hilton (Dressed as Gaga for Halloween):

Snooki (She’s awesome):

Jack Parrow (baby!):

Rose McGowan (hehehe I have no words):

Lil’ Kim:

Willow Smith (our bad trendsetter for the future!):

Come on, I know they are your guilty pleasures as much as they are mine! Now sing with me… Jy dink jy’s cooler as ekke…♪♫ 😛


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3 responses to “Marinda’s Favourite Bad Fashion Trend Setters

  1. absolutely hideous… lol stylists need to be fired asap!

  2. i got what you want boy, i got what you waaaant! i looooove yolandi!!! its a bit of a crush. haha. oh and katie price is just gawjus! perez is a cutie patootie. and i dont care for the rest. haha. mwah. xx

  3. That Vi$$er thing reminds me of those kids from Brakpan… you know the ones that caused confusion when their parents got divorced, were they still brother and sister?

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