Makeup Mistakes: Lippy in All the Wrong Places…


Photo by: Nicholas Goldsworthy ( Model: Kirsten Maarschalk Makeup: MissFitz (


We’ve all had the embarassing scenario at least once in our life when we are wearing lipstick but instead of looking like an adult ready for a night on the town we look like a 4 year old playing dress up with mum’s lipstick! The tiny lines that are around your mouth provide the highway that lets your lipstick jump its border to neighbouring territory where it is now classified as an illegal.

These lines are a natural result of aging, but factors such as smoking and sun damage can hasten and increase them. An emergency fix to this problem is to use a damp paper towel to wipe away all of the lipstick. Use foundation or powder to conceal the stain around your mouth. Then brush a thin layer of lipstick on the center of your lips, staying away from corners and edges of your mouth.

To prevent bleeding lipstick, try this in the future:

  • Look after your lips, put moisturizer or lip ice on them and then apply loose powder over this to prevent colour spreading to areas its not welcome.
  • To help keep lipstick in place, try a full mouth applicaiton of an oil free foundation before applying the lippy.
  • Proceed by applying lip liner around your lips to create the ultimate bleed barrier.
  • Use a brush to paint on the lipstick, start in the center and work outwards with small, precise strokes.
  • Press your lipstick onto your lips with your finger
  • Apply a thin layer of tissue over freshly applied lipstick and pat some powder onto the tissue, this will make the lipstick last even longer

Remember, lipstick was out of fashion for a few years – it has really come back with a vengence now – so get practicing into old habits of wearing and touching up lippy, instead of gloss all the time.


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