Seven Steps to Perfecton!!

Applying make-up is an art, an art which should be enjoyed as well as explored. Here are a few steps to follow in order to have a perfect apllication which enhances your face without overloading the make up!

STEP 1 APPLICATION: Start with a clean, well moisterized skin, allowing the product time to sink in. Apply in day light, ideally a north facing window. For full coverage, dot foundation on the forhead, nose, chin and cheeks. If you want partial coverage, just dab where needed. Finger application is idio-proof, although a sponge is more hygienic. Start with a little you can always add more.

STEP 2 BLENDING: Blend foundation using your fingers, pressing and patting lightly into the kin, and then if you like, a damp sponge for an even, sheer coat. Build up coverage with thin layers and ideally apply only where needed. a daytime application pllos best if you still have freckles showing, cheeks bloming and a healthy glow. Always apply foundation downward, otheriwse you’ll accentuate pores and fine hairs. Apply over eye lids as a base for eye shadow. Remember to sweep over the ears and under the jaw, blending perfectly to avoid tide marks. Whick off excess with a damp sponge if you overdo it.

STEP 3 CONCEALER: Using a small brush or your finger, dot concealer around the inner and outer corners of your eyes. Gently press and blend into skin with your ring finger but do not rub in, as this will “drag” delicate under-eye skin. Best if you apply over your foundation, so that you can even out your skin tone.

STEP 4 COVER UP: Hide any other blemishes that show thrugh your foundation by dotting concealer with a sponge or small brush in tricky areas, such as under the jawline or around the nose. Pat it on with your finger to settle it on the skin.

STEP 5 TO SET EYE MAKE-UP: To set concealer and foundation under and around the eyes, lightly dust them with a small, fine brush dipped in loose powder. Be careful not to apply too much; excess powder will only emphasise fine lines.

STEP 6 TO SET FOUNDATION: Use a transulecent powder that compliments your foundation and wont rob your skin of its natural glow, or slightly yellow-toned powder to give skin warmth. With a large, round brush, dust a little over shiny areas. For a matte finish, gently press and roll lightly powdered velour puff into your skin.

STEP 7 CHECKS AND BALANCES: Keep an eye on your make up throughout the day. Use a lighter formulation in summer or carry a stick foundation for easy touch ups. Avoid over-powdering if you dont want to look caked. For a matte fifnish, balance out with moist lips or eyes.

Love the confidence that make up can give 🙂



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