VAIN STARS – When Is “HOT” Hot Enough?

Hello Pouters.

Let’s get the vain ball rolling on the Pout Perfection Blog!

How vain are we?

Guess there is a fine line between vanity and pride.  Oh wait, whats the difference?  You walk around like the cockiest peacock anyway for some silly reason only you would know!  Perhaps  somebody told you, you reminded them of a celebrity?

  Let’s just get something straight, I’m proud of my efforts that have paid off in making me the best ME!  I have nothing else to be proud of!  I’m not a doctor saving lives!  I’m just Sandy. (one of masses)

But why are we women vain?  Is it tv, magazines, society or just human mentality?

Many people compliment me now like never before.  I lost weight, do my hair, wear my makeup, started working out and some would say I have style.  Look, thanks!  Really, I appreciate it.  One question….Why wasn’t I good enough before?  I saw back then what I see NOW in the mirror.  I knew I’d get here.  But the rest didn’t.   It’s interesting how society has a say of what “hot” should look like.  Only once you start looking like a celebrity, only then are you classified HOT!

I believe we should work-out, and fall in love to look great!  But once you’ve reached your best, is it really your best?  Should you push the limit?  Or maintain the upgraded unique  looking YOU?

When do we cross the line?  If you have eyes that can see, all your hair on your head, a perfect sniffing nose, hands that can hold the latest smart phone, arms that can carry your Louis Vuitton handbag, legs that can walk in the highest of heels, a butt that functions properly and boobies that could possibly feed a baby, wouldn’t enhancing this be crossing the line?

Most women that do go for plastic surgery are usually easy on the eye to start with.  Shows like Dr 90210 and Vanity Insanity are perfect examples of what I’m talking about.  Women with size C-cup tits, want size DD tits.  Nothing wrong with the C-cup they had.  They just want to look like a Baywatch babe  for some reason.   Funny how their partners are just too happy to sit there and watch some Dr. Rey  fiddling on their wives/girlfriends goodies.  It’s for a “good cause” after all!  haha.   Point is, do you remember any of them?  Remember their names?  NO!  No one in this world is special enough to be remembered for something so vain.

There is always someone out there with a straighter nose, bigger boobs, poutier lips, toighter ass, more stunning curves and better facial shape than you or me.

However, somewhere out there,  is a woman crying in pain, because her cheesed off  husband threw her with acid.  A womans nose  sliced off!  Women trying to survive  all sorts of cancers.

Did they ever think their “Front cover Magazine shoot” would be on TIME magazine, showing the world their scars? The oppression they live with?  Isn’t it maybe a slap in the face to those women when we pose half-naked in sexual poses for the opposite sex that put them in that situation to begin with?  Are we showing our “sisters” respect?  Looks more to me as though we’re competing!

Acid attack victims.

This is what we must look like according to Hollywood, men, women, fashion, and magazines!  Not so?

Are we vain?  I say we blessed and lucky.  Able to shake what our mommas gave us without being stoned to death for it.

I think back on the one episode of Dr 90210 when Tabitha Stevens, a well-known porn star went in for Anal-Bleaching WTF!  Wow!  Now that’s vain!  What a funny and shocking episode!

Anyway, I would like a boob-job sure.  BUT, only after I marry, popped out a few babies and breastfed them with organic sandymilkoccinno!  If my boobies end up tickling my bellybutton, then yes. Boob job it’ll be!  I could do it now if I wanted to.  Although I have a feeling it would brand me.  If you get what I mean?  Make due with what you have now.  Don’t just go and resort to plastic surgery and Botox.  Try and keep it corrective over aesthetic purposes.

And if your man wants a Megan Fox, tell him to pack his bags, bugger off to Holly-Ho-Wood and get her!

Some plus-size models can put Megan to shame!

How “hot” must we be?  Good enough for Victoria Secret like miss Ambrosio on the left here?“normal” model vs plus-size model

Be careful your vanity doesn’t turn into obsession.  Anorexia is an ugly business.

Queen of vain – Heidie Montag

Wow, I’m sure her visits to the loo are even more exciting now!   She sure is higher thanks to the Brazilian Buttock Augmentation!  Probably has a better posture whilst sitting on the porcelain pot!

“In your face mainstream”


These plus-size women are absolutely beautiful, fit and healthy.  If you are morbidly obese then yes, please look after yourself.  All I’m saying is, just because we live in a vain infested world, does not mean we have to become part of  the disease.  I will not conform to the worlds idea of perfection.  But I will be MY OWN perfection.

It’s not how the world sees you, its how you see yourself.



Sandysands xx


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6 responses to “VAIN STARS – When Is “HOT” Hot Enough?

  1. Absolutely AWESOME post Sandz, you have outdone yourself, I am impressed!

  2. I have to agree with you Sands! People need to look at themselves and know that plastic surgery just isnt a quick fix, rather it is there if its needed. People need to have more heart when it comes to issues surrounding people who have had surgeries done for medical reasons not just to be aesthetically pleasing for their signifcant others and understand that yes they may have enjoyed their surgeries to get better cleavage but what happened to the poor woman who has fought for her life with breast cancer and has had a full masectomy?
    aye, people are shallow creatures especially in hollywood. Loved this post so much! you are a super star!!

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  4. nick

    Yes plus size girls are way better love the pics

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