Dakota for Marc Jacobs

Dakota Fanning, on the right in her 2007 Marc Jacobs Campaign and more recent 2011 campaign on the left. They grow up so quickly!!

Marc Jacobs has chosen Dakota Fanning as his muse for the second time in four years. In 2007 the then 13 year old actress had starred in loads of movies but she hadnt quite made any noise or been noticed on the fashion scene until Jacobs had approached her for his campaign.

Marc Jacobs said “I’ve been a big fan of Dakota since the first time I saw her in a  movie, and we made her a wardrobe in her size when she was 12, which was  pretty incredible. When we were speaking about who to use in the Oh,  Lola fragrance ads—I had recently seen The Runaways. Dakota was in  it, and I knew she could be this contemporary Lolita, seductive yet  sweet.”

Dakota poses with the light pink bottle for the shoot for Oh Lola a play on “Oh La La”. The fragrance which will be launched next winter for us southern hemispherions is the little sister to Lola which launched in 2009. Its a much ligher, flirtatious scent which includes raspberry, frais des bois and pear.

Dakota Fanning expressed that she was “humbled” to be asked.



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3 responses to “Dakota for Marc Jacobs

  1. I absolutely adore Dakota!!!

  2. You made some first rate points there. I researched the web about this and stumbled across this site, your posts are so informative. Thank you, will definately be back to read more of your posts!

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