A New Week Pouters

Good morning stunning pouting ladies and gents! As you have noticed I hadn’t blogged for the past week as I’ve been on leave and my internet connection at home was giving me endless (and I mean ENDLESS!) hassles. SO, here’s a lil recap of what I’ve been up to.

On Monday the 19th I met up with the beautiful Pout Perfection ladies Fi and Sandy and we had an awesome lunch at Primi Piatto in Eastgate and as ladies do, we chatted about everything from hair to crying kids that irritate us. Sandylash is as stunning and funny as you would expect and Fi is just as fabulous and clever as you’d expect of her!

On Tuesday, I was a lazy bum sitting at home doing my nails, playing Sims 3 (yes, yes I know!) and making earrings out of beads (some of my favourite things to do). On Wednesday I went shopping with friends and bought scrapping stuffs so I can finish my album of me and my boyfriend and on Thursday my boyfriend, Ryan, had a half day at work, so needless to say I was pretty unproductive again! On Friday I took the day to do research on the book I’m writing and spent most of the day looking through books and watching DVD’s on Egypt and Ancient Egyptian cultures and beliefs.

I have a serious obsession with it, but I have a serious obsession with everything glamorous. And Gaga. And Xtina. Which reminds me, I’ve been spending most of my leave listening to pop music and I think it’s unhealthy for my rocker status. Anyhoo, hope you guys enjoyed my banter! I’m off to being productive again at work. Boo Monday!!!! Urgh.

Have a fab week pouters xoxox



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2 responses to “A New Week Pouters

  1. Lunch was so fun, love you girls long time! 🙂 x

  2. It was a great day! Im so blessed to know you gals. xx

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