SLUTWALK… What it was all about!?

The first Johannesburg SlutWalk took place on this past Saturday – 24th of September through the streets of Rosebank. The SlutWalk initiative started on 24th of January this year in Canada when a representitive of the Toronto police department gave a shocking insight to into the forces view of sexual assault on woman by saying “woman should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized”.  SlutWalk is a movement in a response to this remark and has slowly moved throughout the world and had found itself in Johannesburg this weekend.

Hundreds of Johannesburg residents on Saturday marched through the streets of Rosebank for the SlutWalk protest. Protesters dressed in bunny ears, bikinis and stilettos braved the cold weather to show their solidarity to victims of rape and sexual abuse. Wigs, feather boas and a little bit of nudity were also thrown into the mix. Friends of mine that happened to attend in support of the cause said that they had a great time – and told me they were chanting things such as “a dress does not mean yes!”. One of the marshals donned fishnet stockings under her vest. Several motorists hooted at demonstrators in support.

SlutWalk Jozi is affiliated with the #ISaidNo project. If you have been a victim of sexual assault visit them here Only by breaking the silence, can we start to make a difference.

Did anyone else go to this walk? Let me know what you wore! Even if you didn’t and would go… what would you wear? I think I’d be tempted to wear a nuns habit just for shits and giggles!




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5 responses to “SLUTWALK… What it was all about!?

  1. I have mixed feelings about the slutwalk. Then again I do not like a lot of things that the masses do. I wouldnt march for something like this if I really sit down and think about it. Just not my thing hey. hehe.xx

  2. missooohlala

    Ohh, i do look forward to the cape town one one day soon…. it will be utterly fab in my already pre-planned outfit!

  3. I missed this one unfortunately, but I would love to do next year’s. I think a lot more people would participate if the walk just had a better name. I think calling it “slut-” walk gives it a negative impression.

    • Yeah, I agree however in the context that it came about I think it may just be the right name. After all, like they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, can the same not be said for sluts?
      Okay, enough fi-losophy for today 😉

  4. Thanks missfitzstudio for the share

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