Hello Pouting Dahlings!

So I’m thinking of doing a bit of sharing… Sharing my tips and makeup application styles.  What I think of products and which ones I use personally and what I think of them.  I’ll take photo’s and even draw some eyeshadow styles.  Let’s interact!  Let’s talk MAKEUP!

Also, giving you bits of the theory we were taught at makeup school.  Sharing some of the pro-beauty tips and correction techniques, but keeping true to what I think works.  Since I’m not a parrot and don’t learn everything like one.  Makeup is all about experience.  Some “qualified” makeup artists are terrible, whereas some “amateurs” are brilliant.

So it will be a personal step-by-step “how-to” from me to you… Keen? ♥

  So watch this space.  Your way and my way may be different, but we can share tips and meet in the middle.  xx


Much luv

Sandysands xx ♥


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10 responses to “MY PERSONAL MAKEUP “HOW TO’S & TIPS”

  1. Yay! You so pretty Sandylash!

  2. Yay! Looking forward to it!


  3. Bring it on girlfriend!

    *cos im black like that…. 😉

  4. missooohlala

    You are too beautiful! Would love to hear them!

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