Fashionable Spectacles: A new revolution

Remember movies like She’s All That where the geeky, unpopular girl was always the one with her hair tied back and her massive specs hanging from her face and the only way she could ever be the pretty, popular girl is if she let her hair down and learnt to wear contact lenses? Well, fear no more my minions of terrible eyesight who can’t stand to put those things in your eyes, because spectacles have made a turn for the best and gone from a horrible burden to an absolute fashion statement.

Seen in many a campaign lately, specs have gone from drab to fab basically overnight and been made popular by celebrities like Britney Spears and LMFAO. Current trends range from RayBan’s popular Wafarers and geeky look to the gorgeous Cat-eyes and semi-rimless with a bit of bling on the side.

Brands to look out for:

– Guess – Gucci – Tom Ford – Levis -RayBan – Vogue – Bvlgari – Oakley – Carrera

– Safilo – Calvin Klein – MaxMara – Roberto Cavalli – Emporio Armani

Oh, and don’t forget that pretty pout to complete the look! Happy Friday Pouters xoxox


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