BEFORE AND AFTER: My Makeup Case Studies.

Hello stunning Pouters!

So I had to do 5 makeup case studies this month.  Day makeup, evening makeup, bridal makeup and special occasion makeup.  The final case study I could choose any one again.  

Thought I’d show you here on Pout Perfection a few before and after photos.

This makeup included corrective techniques which included highlighting and shading.

First look is Tanya’s EVENING Makeup. (One of my best friends)


After with a dark application of eyeshadow.

A lighter application of  eyeshadow (this was before I did the darker application of makeup shown above.)

Arlene’s SPECIAL OCCASION Makeup for a night out in the town. (Tanya’s cousin)


After with darker lips and eyes

A frosty lighter look.

Jenie’s very NATURAL DAY Look. (My cousin)



Natalie’s BRIDAL Makeup. (My sister has been married for over 17 years and is also a makeup artista  F.Y.I)



Tavita’s DAY LOOK FOR TEENS (My niece, Natalie’s daughter)

Before (Poor Tavita had a fever, thanks again for doing this while you didn’t feel well)


So those were my 5 case studies.  It was an absolute blast.  I cannot wait to whip out the brushes and makeup and go for the next lot.  Any takers? 🙂



Sandylash xx


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9 responses to “BEFORE AND AFTER: My Makeup Case Studies.

  1. me! me! me! I wanna be the next one! Pick me!!!
    Love it Sandz, you are a natural at this!

  2. So stunning Sandz 😉 your make up application looks so natural and flawless….has inspired me to get back into my make up. xoxo

    • Fab Megan! I’m must admit, I kept it very neutral. Didn’t want to go overboard with these makeup case studies.. Have so so so many more ideas in my head.. Just need faces! Haha..

  3. xxx-lucyv-xxx

    Hey this reminds me of a tv show…. Jerseylicious! Nice work girl! Well done!

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