Top 10 Most Annoying People on TV

Don’t you just hate those girls that say “OH MY GAWD” for every little thing and the TV presenters that put on their super fake smiles that make you wanna cringe? Is there a specific person who irritates you so much that you wanna throw your supper at the TV? Well, I’m sure I’m not the only one, but I definitely have my fair share! So, for a little mid-week treat I’ve decided to list my top 10 most annoying people on TV, just for your pure enjoyment!

10) Liezl van der Westhuizen

 Now, it’s no secret that us here at Pout aren’t fans of Liezl (see Sandy’s SA celeb blog), but it’s not for no reason. Yes, I’m sure she is a lovely girl, but ever since that disastrous Idols season where Jason didn’t win, and then he did, I just can’t seem to stand the girl. It’s like when the cameras roll, her face goes into “Joker” mode and she starts reading the teleprompter like her life depends on it. She gives this tensed feel when she presents and just makes the person watching feel like grinding their teeth.

9) Debra Morgan from Dexter

OK, here I’m not sure if the actress is supposed to be annoying or stupid or not, so I’ll just say it’s Debra I can’t stand. Maybe it’s her face. Or the attitude. Or the way she pulls her face when she has an attitude that get to me, but either way, she’s bloody terrible and almost puts me off watching Dexter. Almost, but not quite.

8 ) Denise Richards

Words are not enough to describe my loathing of this woman. I think I watched her show on the E! channel once and it’s an hour I will never get back. If she’s not bitching about something, she’s talking about how thin and pretty she is throughout the show, making it feel like she’s trying to convince herself more than anything.

7) The Married to Rock girls: Etty, Susan, AJ and Josie

I’m not sure why they irritate me. Their faces don’t move much and I’m not sure if they’re in their mid-fifties trying to look twenty or in their mid-twenties trying to look… um twenty? I think the fact that I’m into the whole emo/scene thing and dating a rocker is the ultimate fantasy (OK, let’s be honest, the ones they are married to I’m not so sure of…), but they are everything I’ve grown up to believe rock is against. Cold, shiny, hard plastic (faces, boobs, etc), is just so wrong for the rock culture.

6) Joan Rivers

I just heard an outcry of pouters and I’m sure some of you are waving your fists at me, but Miss Rivers, to me, is one terribly, terribly annoying woman. Not only is that piercing voice enough to give me shivers (Shivers, Rivers teehee) but that plastic surgery and the fact that she bitches about what every person on the planet wears just drives me insane! I must say, her one liners are pretty funny sometimes though…

5) Serena van der Woodsen from Gossip Girl

Yes, Serena has lovely blonde hair, the life we all want and the wardrobe we’d all die for, but is it just me or was there basically no purpose for this poor girl from season 2 onwards except her wardrobe? She breaks up with Dan and becomes the village bicycle only to cry whenever a dude dumps her and then goes to the next idiot (and none of them were ever good-looking really) who does the same thing. She makes girls look stupid and superficial.

4) The Second Ruby from Supernatural

She makes me think of Daffy Duck. Sorry, she just does. Not only did I like the blonde girl Ruby posessed more in Supernatural who actually reminded me a bit of a blonde Megan Fox, and not only did Ruby manipulate poor Sam with her demon blood, but this actress is actually married to Jared Padelecki (Sam) in real life! OK, so this one is a bit of a green monster. I apoligize! I guess it could have been worse, she could have been married to Jensen Ackles (Dean) instead, then I really would have had something horrible to say.

3) Tyra Banks

Not Tyra from America’s Next Top Model, because she is hosting something she knows there, but Tyra when she presents The Tyra Banks Show is like watching The Exorcist in a church. Tyra speaks to her guests like. they. are. reeeTARded. She proNOUNces. each. word. preCISEly. like. this. *insert hand movements here* ‘Nuff said.

2) Peter Ishkhans from Peter Perfect

The show is fabulous, I love Peter Perfect of the Style Network (read: LOVE!), but this boy is just too fabulous for his own good. He sings when he speaks, he prances around like a fairy and that accent is just too much to handle. He does so much wrong and is so annoying, but I don’t hate him one bit, because it works for him!

and the winners are….

1) The Kardashian Klan or Kult

“OH MY GAWWWD!” was probably invented by these girls and has been copied, mocked and/or abused by their followers and non-followers since. Us at Pout aren’t fans, as you can tell, and think the world should be Kleansed ASAP!

So, there you have it! This was fun. Now, I’m going to enjoy the rain. Have a lovely hump day further peeps, two more days till the weekend so get those Daquiris and girls’ nights ready and please, stay away from any of the TV shows involving any of the peeps above, for your own good!


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4 responses to “Top 10 Most Annoying People on TV

  1. xxx-lucyv-xxx

    I agree with you mostly, apart from the second Ruby…. I think she is stunning, maybe her acting has a lot to answer for but her good looks let her get away from it 😉

  2. i have a crush on the married to rock chicks. haha

  3. john

    i completely agree about debra morgan from dexter… she kills the show JUST ABOUT… if it wasn’t for dexter saving the show

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