My dahling Pouters!

Look, let me start off by saying…. I’ve destroyed almost every pic of myself when I was young.  I was terribly yukky looking.  Even I’ll admit it.  I’m one of those people who have to make an effort to look presentable.   Unfortunately I’m an extension of this thing  called family and they manage to still have photos here and there.  But I will get them and tear those photos up.  Then again, it could make really good “Before and After pics”. 

When the “normal” person wants to make themselves feel better, they look for things or people worse off than they are.  This is disgusting I know, but it can be a good thing.  It can humble, motivate you or worst of all, or just  make you even more of an asswipe.

However, when I look at celebrity pictures when they were younger I think to myself.  ‘Wow, anyone can be a model, famous and a celeb!  Why should I think so little of myself?’

So let’s have a look at some celebs when they were young.  It could make you feel better about yourself?  Motivate you?  Entertain you?  Let me know! xx

Kate Hudson. 

Bjork (she wants to twist your neck!)

Mr Ashton Kutcher, oh sorry! Meant to say Bruce Willis.

Dita Von Teese doesn’t think blondes have more fun.

Oh em gee!  Eminem cracks a smile!  He realized he was gonna be a famous black rapper.

Kate Moss?  A supermodel?  Funny, on the outside she improved, but on the inside she is a super mess.  Wearing fur!

Women wanna tap this???  George Clooney?  Bet you if I was his school bully,  I would have called him George Looney!

Marilyn Manson.  Yeah, he kinda looks better with makeup.

Matt Damon.  

Megan Fox. 

Lady Gaga.  When she used to go to church and had a healthy relationship with her soul.

Russel Brand.  Looks like being a vegetarian helped him in the weight department.  Hey look, I like this dude.  I think he outshines Katy Perry by far.

Missy Eliott. 

Ryan SeacrestThis little boy knew he was going to boss around some Kardashian Klan.  Make money out of them. *Evil laugh*

The Twilight Team.  It’s very hard finding a photo of Robert Pattinson when he was younger.  Anyway, 4 is better than 1.

Rachel Hunter.  Not much of a difference here.  Just more sparkle and less of a curl mess.

We ALL know what Demi Moore looked like as a child.  She is not shy to make it known.  It’s a clever move.  Because she has the media by the balls here.  They can’t make her feel “bad”.  She is proud of what she looked like.  So it kinda makes it boring doesn’t it?

Last but not least, Nelson Mandela.  Like the accessories sir!

I don’t like sounding as though I make fun of people.  I really don’t like that about myself, but I know for a fact if I were a celeb, my pic would be on this blog for sure! haha.

Who do you think was the cutest young celeb?


Sandylash xx


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4 responses to “THEY WERE YOUNG ONCE.

  1. haha sandz your blogs always make me laugh and they’re so insightful. I am TOTALLY shocked at what Megan Fox used to look like and Ashley Green was (and is) such a little princess and that pic just proves it. I’m not a fan of her. and Russel Brand?!?!?!?!?! Joh he turned into a hottie (well compared to his younger days anyway lol)

    • Hahahaha thanks Marinda! I’m glad I made you laugh a little! Hehehe.. Russel is awesome! Adore that dude to bits.. And as for Megan.. Well… No one is perfect.. Its good.. It can be such a motivation.. Can show that anyone can become a hottie.. Xx

  2. Geez, I am shocked at Gaga. I do not like her, AT ALL but she used to be quite pretty!
    Nelly Mandela is my fav little celeb hahaha.

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