Do you like to wear red lipstick?

Goodness knows I don’t.  It doesn’t suit me at all.  I know this, and therefore I do not wear it.  I have a few “Sandylash rules” regarding red lipstick.

Red vivacious lips only suit women with BRIGHT WHITE TEETH

If your smile shows too much “Gum” A.K.A Gummy smile, try to avoid red lipstick.  It actually accentuates the gums.  Makes you look physco.  Sorry, but it does.

Women with FLAWLESS skin can pull red lipstick off.  If you have scars, like I do or zits, then you are highlighting the zit.  You can just as well put that crime scene ribbon around the pimple and call in CSI.   Which will be followed by questioning as to why you committed such a makeup crime.

Avoid dark red lips in the daytime.

Apply foundation and powder, then line lips with liner as to prevent “bleeding” of the lipstick.  Some makeup artists actually line the outer part of the lips with white eyeliner and blend it very well.  This makes the colour pop.  Just BLEND.  Unless the look you’re going for is CLOWN.BadGood

If you have a broad beautiful smile, red lips is for you. 

Find the right tone of red for your skin.  End of story, just because it’s fashion, doesn’t make it wearable. 

Do NOT wear it to a funeral.  End of story.

Avoid kissing people on their cheeks if you’re wearing red lipstick.  They’re not a wall and wouldn’t appreciate graffiti.

If you want to wear red lipstick with red clothing, try to get them the same shade.  No point in having a maroon dress and orange toned lips.

Older ladies should also avoid dark red lips.  Their lips aren’t as plump as they used to be. 

Same applies for young ladies.  Wearing dark red lips can age you dramatically.  It’s all about finding the right shade. 

Always remember, when you’re trying a new makeup technique or colour, take photos.  The image on the picture is different to that of the mirror.

Also, if you have very “mousey or rabbity” teeth.  Try not to use bright red coloured lips.  It just doesn’t go hand in hand. 

In general, red lips in ANY TONE suit ethnic skins more.  Black and Indian women look amazing with red lips. 

Brides should avoid wearing red lips.  Why?  Well, it can actually age the photos.  Give a 90’s look.

If you have STRONG FACIAL FEATURES, avoid strong red lips.  This can make you look a little drag.

And for the perfect red lipstick look, keep eyes neutral.  Black lashes and liner.  Don’t go all smokey with the eyes. 

One last Sandylash tip.  Don’t use red lipstick if you have a fake orange tan.  I won’t even elaborate on that one!

So tell me what YOUR tips are.  I’d love to hear from you. xx


Sandylash xx


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9 responses to “HOW TO WEAR RED LIPS.

  1. I avoid red lips like the plague. I think they suit girls with bright blue eyes and blonde hair the best and I just don’t have that. I opt for brown lipstick, it suits my complection better. Great post Sandylash!

    • I don’t like red lips on myself.. I have that slight gummy look.. And my mouth isn’t broad enough.. And obviously I have scars and breakouts.. I’m like the last person that can wear red lips.. Just wearing red nails is a mission enough.. Dark haired ladies can wear black. Look at Catherine Zeta.. She pulls it off..

  2. Wow, you have great tips! I don’t wear red much even though I have a matte one that’s beautiful.

  3. I must be honest, I never liked red until I walked into Inglot and their VERY beautiful and friendly sales lady came up to me, not knowing I was a makeup artist and demanded I put some RED lipstick on for my MAN cos he got dragged makeup shopping with me, needless to say I bought it along with a bunch of other stuff but yeah, I confess I love it, as of late 🙂

    I loooove it. Been wearing it lots… wakaka… That’s my life story 🙂

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