Makeup Looks by Michelle Phan for Halloween

I love Halloween. Not because it’s evil or scary or any of that nonsence, but because it’s the one time of the year where you can put on as much makeup as you want, dress totally over-the-top and look absolutely different and NOBODY can say anything about it. It’s the night you can be anything you want!

So with just a week to go till the Halloween parties start, I thought I’d throw out some ideas for my fabulous pouters out there for their makeup. Why do the same thing as everyone else when you know you’re more fabulous than the rest? Go all out and outshine the rest!

Here are a few makeup ideas I’ve found online from the amazing Michelle Phan that are absolutely fabulous for Halloween:

Michelle’s Tim Burton Inspired look:

Michelle’s Seductive Vampire look:

Michelle’s Lady Gaga Bad Romance look:

Michelle’s Barbie Transformation:

Michelle’s Catwoman look:

Michelle’s Lady Gaga Pokerface look:

Hope these pointers help! I’ll be back with more ideas for Halloween. Have a lovely Friday Pouters.


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6 responses to “Makeup Looks by Michelle Phan for Halloween

  1. Great stuff Marinda. I’m a fan of Phan. I’m your fan too. Haha. Xx

  2. i like michelle phan’s stuff too she’s amazingly creative! liking your blog here too guys it’s very entertaining, in a good way! 🙂

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