Hey Pouters.

Hope you enjoyed the previous post on stars when they were younger?  I thought to myself, “Man, this is interesting!  I shall make a sequel!”  I guess watching too much South Park is getting to me.  Man, South Park kicks total ass!  Have a lot of episodes on the iPad.  It’s what I watch in bed before going to sleep.  Call it Adult Story Time if you will.

So anyhow, let’s take another look at celebrities when they were younger part 2!

Miss Avril Lavigne.  This person on the left would sing a song called “s8er boi”?

Eva Mendes.

Jamie Foxx?  Was this for a movie? I’m not sure.  Any of you know?

Helen Mirren.  Wow!  She did a movie called Callender Girls.  Looks like she did some other kind of calendar in her young day too.

Jean-Claude Van Damme.  He looks seriously depressed on the left pic.  It’s probably because he was told he would have to buff up for a movie called BLOOD SPORT!

Jennifer Aniston.  With this hair I highly doubt she had many Friends in school!

Miss Katie Price. 

Katy Perry.  The question here is…. Did the girl like it?

Nicole Kidman.  There is hope for us all!

Angelica Huston.  Wow.  I reckon she was beautiful. 

HAHAHA.  Justin Timberlake brought SEXY BACK?  NO WAY!

Taylor Momsen.  I found another picture of her …..

Hold on…..


There you go.  😀

Jack Nicholson.  What a dapper young lad he was.  For those of you that don’t know.  He found out much later in life that his “sister” was actually his mother and his  “mom” was indeed his grandmother. 

Meryl Streep was such a stunner.  Wow.  Her daughters look just like she did in her young day hey?

Mrs. Doubtfire a.k.a Robbin Williams. (My mom just yelled out. “Is that Francois Pienaar?”)  hahaha

Chaz Bono.  In this picture she was still known as Chastity Bono.  But she prefered having a boner instead.  haha Sis Sandy.  Good for her/him though. It takes guts to go through what he did and still is going through.  Good for you Chaz.

Johnny Depp.  I’ll just repeat what my mom just said.  “ooooh he was cuuuuuute!”

The whole point of looking at celebs in their young days shouldn’t be seen as “making fun”, but more a motivation.  Like I explained in the previous post.  It can make you realize that you too can be a star.  Anyone can be.  And being a star doesn’t necessarily mean Hollywood, but being a great person for your family, friends and just all those around you.  Just be the best YOU.  Always strive to be better.  Not better than someone else.  But better than you were the day before. 


Sandylash xx


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9 responses to “THEY WERE YOUNG ONCE Part Two ;)

  1. Haha l loved these photos. There IS hope for us all! Then again, having someone professionally do your hair and make-up and buy you designer clothes every day also helps!

    • Hello there…. Yeah, I totally agree with you. I’m however one of those chicks that enjoy spending 2 hours getting ready. So I like to think of myself as my own stylist. hehe.. Thank you so much for enjoying the blog post. And for the comment. xx

    • haha, only saw your comment now. Hehe…. I know the Pretzel was really relevant to the age, but its all that popped into my head when i saw that pic of her. hehe. thanks Sarah. xx

  2. hahaha cute post!!
    I don’t get the pretzel thing though… haha 🙂 *crickets*

  3. Sandz i adore this post! Too cute!

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