Lucious Locks

Hello Fabulous Pouters!

Well summer is in full swing in our beautiful country South Africa. Nothing better than hot sunny summer days. Yet we all know that this summer sun has an affect on our hair. Recently I have decided to stop highlighting my hair for the rest of the year, as this causes alot of damage to my hair and its important we give our hair a break every so often. Summer is one of those times we need to take special care of our luscious locks.



With summer being here, we need to start being less harsh on our hair. Treating your hair in the correct manner, will keep it healthy and shiny. Lets start off with hair care within our househlds:

  • We need to limit the use of hairdryers and straightners.
  • Avoid washing your hair in hot water, use warm or cool water instead, the heat can dry out and damage your hair.
  • Staying hydrated is important for healthy hair as well, so drink plenty of water.
  • Avoid hair products with formaldehyde or alcohol in it which dry out hair. Try to use natural products that are gentler on your hair.
  • Try washing your hair less often; shampooing your hair strips the moisture out of your hair.
  • Putting conditioner on the frizzy areas of your hair and sleeping with your hair up or with plastic around your hair will help remoisturize the dry areas of your hair.
  • Once you have your hair moist, lock in the moisture by running your hair through cold water; this will also give your hair an extra shine.

Now we take a look at tips for healthy hair outside of the house or before you leave the house:

  • Get your hair trimmed every six to eight weeks. Your hair grows faster in the warmer months and frizzies are more common in the summer months due to the heat and moisture.
  • Before going into the pool/ocean wet your hair; this will decrease the absorption of chlorinated/salt water into your hair.
  • Don’t colour your hair before a beach vacation. Dropping big bucks at the salon or spending valuable time at home touching up colour is a waste of your resources, as UV rays will likely change your color. The dryness caused by something like a fresh highlighting job may also be intensified by the harsh rays of the sun. So clip it up and just enjoy yourself, the glow you’ll have from relaxing on vacation sure beats out a new color job, anyway!

I know i love my hair and i take alot of effort into making sure it looks amazing, but i also ensure that i give my hair a break every so often. A ladies hair is one of the most attractive features on a woman and we need to take advantage fof this feature we have.

So ladies keep those locks looking luscious and take care of yourself this summer.

XoXo Megs Mwah 🙂


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5 responses to “Lucious Locks

  1. Flippen brilliant Megs. I’m very into looking after my hair too. Great tips. Love it. Should be in a girl bible of some sorts. Haha. Xx

  2. Very nice post Megs, love it! I’m really considering going blonde. Have you got any tips for me? mwah!

  3. Thanks ladies! Marinda do you colour your hair often? And on a scale of 1 to 10 how healthy is your hair? 1 being the lowest. Going blonde can be very stressfull on your hair, its something you’ll need to do over a long period, took me four years to go blonde.

  4. Some great pointers here Megs… I still have virgin hair and I only get it cut… annually! ha ha.
    I’m terrible with drying it, and when i straighten my hair it doesnt look any different lol I generally just wash it and leave it…

    • You are so lucky Fi, I used to be like that with my natural hair colour and wow do I miss it so much. Thats why I have this urge to grow my hair out and get back to that. So enjoy the freedom of not having to style your hair because it still looks fabulous.

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