Plastic Surgery to look like a Celebrity

Hey Pouting Girls and Boys;

I remember a few years back when I was still an “MTV kid”, I used to watch a programme called I want a famous face and it used to both shock and fascinate me with just how obsessed people become with looking like celebrities. Sure the show had brought on some major (and often wonderful) results, but would you really go under the knife to look like, say, Pamela Anderson, if you knew for a fact you could never look like her?

Once the show had even given Mike and Matt Schlepps -really ugly twins from Arizona – the chance to look like Brad Pitt and although they didn’t exactly turn out to look like Brad, they turned out absolutely gorgeous after the surgery anyway and were thrilled with the results.

Sometimes though, people go a bit crazy. A mom in the UK spent over $16 000 to make herself look like Michael Jackson. Yes, a white female from the UK made herself look like Michael Jackson. Wierd. Oh and her name is Miki Jay, somehow I get the feeling she changed that too.

Then you get the peeps who do it for all the wrong reasons. Chinese girl Xiaoqing who’s only 21 years old has also spent a small fortune in making herself look like Jessica Alba to win back her boyfriend. *Crickets* For a boyfriend? Really? Urgh!

Lisa Connell had a good reason though. This 29 year old had an inoperable brain tumor and her lifelong dream was to look like Demi Moore, which, I guess was an alright reason to fulfill one’s dreams even though she was pretty to begin with.

So, would you go under the knife to look like your favourite celeb? As much as I love Gaga, Xtina and Britney… I don’t think so! Everyone has something that makes them unique and if you’re copying someone else you’re just making yourself less “you”. Anyway you can’t steal someone else’s uniqueness no matter how hard you try. I mean, have you ever seen anyone successfully copying Angelina Jolie’s pout? I sure haven’t!

Happy Tuesday Peeps and remember that you’re beautiful just as you are!

Peace and Love xoxox

MarindaLiza ♥


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6 responses to “Plastic Surgery to look like a Celebrity

  1. I swear to gawd, if I find out anyone has had surgery to look like me cos I’m a *diva* I will sue their asses…. lol
    I honestly think its stoopid… hahaha, but good post rinda* xx

  2. HAHAHAHAH FI! I remember those brothers. they did look much much better. Ok, so that chick reckons she looks like Jessica Alba? If she really wanted to win her bf’s love back, she should made herself to look like a dick. Clearly he would only love himself if he wasn’t happy with her from the start. ai. Love it. xx

  3. It was a good concept, full of sense and facts. It had fun reading this post ^_^

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