Hello there to our Stunning Readers.

One thing we want is….. Style.  Unfortunately not everyone has style.  Then again, everyone’s style differs.  We are all different.  Your style may not be my cuppa tea and vice versa.  But, there are some accessories and items that will never go out of fashion.  And I mean NEVER!

And that is….. The WHITE TANK top, denim jeans, a stylish belt, tanned heels/sandals, handbag to match and of course the SUMMER WHITE DRESS.

It’s a look that suits almost everybody.  And also it’s very refreshing and chic.  If you want to make it a little more formal, add a glitzy belt, sparkly accessories like a necklace, bangles, or earrings.  Or, if you’re like me.  Put it all on, one time!

The perfect way to wear a White Tank Top and  White Summer Dress:

  • Opt for a rounded neck line.  The revealing v-line gives off the wrong impression.  Believe me, a tank top and butt hugging jeans is sexy enough.
  • Don’t let your tummy show no matter how ripped you are as a usable look.  Keep that for the pool side or beach.
  • Add a focal accessory, which may be a necklace, earrings, belt or a handbag.  (I usually use all of it at once…It’s a Sandy thing)
  • Make sure you have a tanned glow to your skin.  Doesn’t help you’re as white as the fabric.
  • You can wear a tank top with a jacket to give it a semi-formal look, add some heels and voila you’re ready to go out for dinner.
  • Make sure your heels are looked after,  your hair is clean and your makeup is all in good order.  Wearing a white dress can actually enhance parts that aren’t well looked after.
  • Dont wear coloured knickers if you’re going to wear a white dress.  Has to match your skin tone.
  • Wearing a tank with shorts also looks great, but adding a waistcoat or loose top over makes it look even better.  Try avoiding very short shorts if you’re uncomfortable with your body.  It’ll show.  Stick with long jeans or 3/4’s.   I’ve got a pair of 3/4’s  from Apple Bottoms©  Absolutely sassy and stylish.
  • With both the white top and white dress, sandals and heels can be worn.  However with a white cotton dress opt for a wedge instead if you do want to add some height.
  • If you are self conscience about your thighs and hips, go for a longer and more loose tank top.  That is what I do 🙂
  • And for goodness sake! Wear a bra!  Nothing is worse than seeing “the girls”  (no matter the size) doing the shuffle. “lmfao”

•How NOT to wear a white top or white dress•

♣How to wear a white top and white dress with style♠

There are obviously many more tips one can share.  I just provided the basic ones.  Let me know what your tips are on the White Tank and White Summer Dress.


Sandylash xx


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15 responses to “TIMELESS STYLE

  1. chameleonic

    white is always so crisp and classic! love it!

    • Goodie! One question.. How do YOU keep your white clothes sparkly white?

      • You can try bottom badned tank tops. They’re the tank tops where the bottom is tight (on your upper legs) but the mid-section flows, so it doesn’t stick to your belly. You can also try layering tank tops. Make sure the bottom one is tight so it “sucks” you in a little.Other than that, if anyone has a problem tell em’ to take a hike !

      • Those tops Aren’t timeless though. But if worn right, they can go a long way.

  2. Fabulous post Sandz, I never thought I could be one who could pull off a white tank or dress, but I might just go get myself these items seeing as you show how well anyone can pull it off. P.S – Reese Witherspoon in that white dress is just flawless! One of my favourite posts of yours Sandylash my dahlilng 😉

    • Dankie Marinda! Anyone can pull it off.. Its a very classy look.. Depending on the accessories of course.. Thank you so much for liking it! As you can see there are more pros in wearing white than cons. But, it can get dirty quickly.. So wear it where you know you’ll have less movement or human traffic.. And also.. Cotton is the way to go.. If you must wash white clothes that might have gone a bit yellow, soak it in Steri Nappi. Haha. Yes, its for cloth nappies, but it works. Mwah! Xx

  3. WoW! I loved this darling. The white tank top and a pair of sexy snug jeans are truly a way to show natural and sexy beauty. Loved this blog 🙂

    • It really is hey Megs. You can wear it EVERY single year and it won’t go out of style. One can update it with accessories! And of course a hairstyle if need be.. Its my fav look. And thanks Megs! Xxo

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  5. Its great as your other blog posts : D, thanks for posting .

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