Dina Says Lindsay’s Playboy Shoot went “Well”

Hello again Pouters;

While most mom’s would cringe at knowing their daughters have posed nude for Playboy magazine, people like Kris Jenner and Dina Lohan seem to embrace it.

Yesterday it was confirmed that Lindsay Lohan did, in fact, pose for Playboy for a teensy weensy (well for Hollywood celebs anyway) amount of $1 million after years of the magazine begging her. Her rep still denies she did though, so clearly her rep didn’t hear Dina gushing away at how “well” the shoot went.

Anyway I hope it went well for her, because nothing has been going her way for the last couple of years. Here’s my version of what the shoot should look like (hehe!):

Happy Wednesday!



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6 responses to “Dina Says Lindsay’s Playboy Shoot went “Well”

  1. What a family of tits. Really! hahaha….

  2. I’m a fan of the US playboy…. Not of Lindsay or Kim but I love the ideas and concepts they use for shoots, they really have EVERYTHING a glamour nude would need if you wanted one of course.

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  4. You’ve got it in one. Couldn’t have put it betetr.

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