Hello My Darling Pouters.

Does the heading sound a tad odd? Have you heard of a show called Toddlers and Tiaras? No? Well, it’s basically a show where girls from about the age of 2-10 (sometimes younger) participate in a beauty pageant. This isn’t the normal little beauty pageant. This is serious business, especially for the mothers.

I can’t help but imagine a circus when I think of this show. Children forced to perform in dance acts. Pose for the crowds. Prance around on stage. Wear tons of makeup. Sit for hours with hot curlers. Getting high on hairspray. (I’m sure) Fake tans. Big dresses. Heels. Competing! That’s just a short little list. Yes, some little girls enjoy being little girly girls. But, who is paying for all this? The mothers! Who is paying and booking training coaches? The mothers. Who is taking the little princess to designers to have a meringue dress made? The mothers!

They say its “FUN”. FUN? Clearly they’re all inhaling the hairspray! No little child should be pushed or forced into something that belongs in an adults world. Isn’t it bad enough looking at adult beauty pageants sometimes? All those fake smiles and “we’re all good friends” lies? If they could, contestants would stab each other with their tiaras.

I can already see a future episode with this chick on Dr. 90210

Anyway, let’s just say, if I have a daughter one day, I will NOT be forcing her into a pageant as extreme as this at such an early age. I was very girly when I was a little girl, then I became a tomboy. In early highschool I just didn’t care and only later in my senior highschool years did I become very girly. Everything was my choice. With guidelines of course.

However, the mothers on Toddlers and Tiaras use their kids as puppets to maybe live out what they themselves couldn’t be. Perhaps they were beauty queens and think of their little daughters as Mini Me’s“.

The thing is, these girls are wearing bikinis, at times fake breasts under an evening gown, forced to compete like their lives depend on their outer beauty, sitting for hours curling their hair with heat irons, growing up with the mentality that beauty is all that matters. Losing would mean they’re not pretty enough.

Look at it this way, at the toddler stage, they’re being potty trained, they poop, scream, vomit, draw with pens everywhere they’re not supposed to, throw tantrums, are fussy eaters, they have snotty noses and sometimes wee in their beds. And these mothers can deal with this and think that adding tinsel on it all will make it all better? No way! All my daughter will be getting in this instance is Tinkerbell makeup in her make-believe world in her room with friends.

What happened to using the imagination? Pretending? Climbing trees? Playing shopkeeper?

What are your thoughts on this complex issue? Let me know 🙂


Sandylash xx


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  1. Nicole :)

    Cant agree with this any more. i cant believe some of these mothers and what they do to their poor daughters. When i was little all i wanted to do was watch barney, go outside and play with my barbies, and have my mommy put me to sleep at night. ugh what is this world coming too?


  2. I have also been thinking about this for a while, seeing it on TV a lot lately too. It is so devastating for those little girls when they lose that it breaks my heart. Those mothers are pathetic and should be slapped!

  3. I’ve never seen the show but have heard about it a lot from friends and family in the UK, it is rather disgusting to say the least. Little girls can play with makeup and have their hair done but at the end of the day it should make them feel better about themselves rather than making them worry about whether or not they are beautiful enough to win a contest.

    At the end of the day, when you were little your family loved you and thought you were the cutest thing ever no matter what you looked like, being little and young is so awkward sometimes but its fun to be awkward, and they shouldnt be forced to grow up so fast.

    The state of the world is incredibly sad and pathetic when you are trying to give a 2 year old fake breasts to look more “attractive” and they wonder why there are so many paedophiles in the world?

    • Hey Fi.. Gosh, my niece is 12 and she uses some makeup! And its to make herself feel girly and pweddy… But my family doesn’t tell her she isn’t pretty without it. If she wants to wear it, she can. If she doesn’t she won’t.. She does swimming. She is top in her grade.. She says her prayers. She is funny. Has a personality. And is a well balanced girl.. But never was she forced into it at 2! Good heavens! Haha… But its true like you say! The world then wonders what fueled pervs on? And like so many women are starting botox at an earlier age.. Men also get brainwashed to think that girls have to look like barbies. Its all a mess! Haha

  4. Great review! You actually covered some valuable news on your blog. I came across it by using Yahoo and I’ve got to admit that I already subscribed to the site, it’s very great 🙂

  5. This is so sad to see,I have worked with a few modelling agencies in SA and i know there is a strict rule against make up on kids, which is good because we need to appreciate natural beauty from a young age.

    • Only saw your comment now. Weird. I’ve actually got a cousin that entered mini miss world or what ever (don’t care) and she apparently even had her own website. Rumors that she had to sleep with curlers and all. So silly. oh well. x

  6. Hey, you’re the goto epxret. Thanks for hanging out here.

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