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Doing My Thang!

Hello Poutlings ūüėČ

Just thought I’d share a few pictures of me doing my thangMakeup for those who have no idea what that is ūüôā

These pictures were taken at the launch party/fashion show for Jozi’s Next Super Model (still don’t think its aired yet….), it last year October at Jet Night Club by the Dome… and they are a couple of pictures of the behind the scenes chaos!

All of this done in 1 hour and 15 minutes, man I love to hate deadlines!

Looking back at these pics makes me realised how far I’ve come as a makeup artist over the past year, but I suppose like any art, you get better with time when you polish, refine, chop and change your skills!

Savannah Egan, my first model for the evening.... Check the difference the false lashes make ūüôā oooh and do not stress, loose powder on her forehead and pale cheeks were fixed shortly after this was taken.

aaah some lippy!

Savannah almost ready to go and work that ramp!

Lauren Weeks, my gorgeous friend and amazing model ūüôā

Lauren tells me how to do it... Cos she bosses me around... haha

Lauren's finished makeup!

Delene Frost.... She really resembles Rihanna!

getting LIPPY!

Beautiful Delene!

Hannah Young, at the time she was the co-producer of the show

all the gorgeous faces painted by moi!

kisses for Lauren! ha ha xxx

Anyway, there’s just a little glimpse into my chaotic life of makeup…

Stay beautiful!!



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Hey there.  Me again!

Ok, so let me say it like it is.

I guess the reason why I am quite good at makeup applications (Yes, I admit it), could be due to the fact that I am quite artistic.¬† Since a very young age I could draw well.¬† Blending the pencil lines.¬† Learning where and how to shade was no mission for me.¬† I used to have friends who couldn’t even draw stick men.¬† I’m not bragging, but in general makeup artists have some level of being artistic in one way or another.

(haha, so someone just told me I sound UBER VAIN with what I said above.¬† Look, all I’m saying is that if you’re creative (naturally) it’s easier to catch on the makeup groove.¬† Those people who could only draw stickmen, couldn’t apply makeup either! haha.¬† All I’m saying is that whether you’re naturally artistic or not, face charts is a good way to practice the art of makeup!)

I would look at a photo and sketch it.¬† It would almost look the same.¬† So what am I saying here?¬† Makeup FACE CHARTS¬†¬† “trained” me in a sense.¬† I downloaded the chart.¬† Looked at the picture and pretty much did the same¬† on my face.

Do you have trouble applying makeup?  As in which colours to use?  Have you made use of FACE CHARTS?

Check out these complete FACE CHARTS.  Try to apply the same on your face.  It really helped me.  It will help you!



So print those FACE CHARTS and get out those colouring pencils and practice! (Use pencils if you don’t want to waste your makeup)

Being a professional makeup artist or just having a great talent at makeup, is knowing what goes on where first to achieve the look in the pictures above.  But, for those who want to start somewhere.  This is a good way to start.



Ps:  Want to get the creative juices flowing?  Spritz on some sexy perfume.  It somehow works for me!





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FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) at BEAUTY PAGEANTS

Happy Wednesday Amigo’s and Amiga’s!


Are you interested in pageants?  Do you want to be a pageant queen?

Are you all beauty and no brains? (haha)

Are you prepared for the difficult questions you’ll be faced with?¬†

If not, let’s get you prepared!¬† Here are the FAQ’s (frequently asked questions) asked in pageants!


1)  Who is your biggest role model?

Goodness me, don’t say Nelson Mandela!¬† Especially if you’re not South-African.¬†

2)  What famous person is your personality most like?

Get to the point – “I’m a diva, so basically I’m like Mariah, J-Lo or Mary J.”

3)  What quality do you like most about yourself and why?

“My confidence!” – Bleh, you like your big boobs!¬† They get you a lot of¬† attention.¬† Wait, is that a quality or a physical attribute?¬† Either way, it contributes to that confidence level!

4)  Name 3 words that describe you and how.

Try not to use the words blessed, happy, lucky or funny.¬† Now think of 3 words!¬† Difficult isn’t it?

5)  What is the biggest challenge to youth today?

Sandylash would say:¬† “To not fall pregnant!” (haha, oh it’s true!!!)

6)  What is the one feature you would change about yourself and why?

So we all know the classic answer!¬† “I believe you should be happy just the way God made you.”¬† Really??¬† Fine, then wash that makeup off, don’t poof up your hair with hairspray!¬† Unwhite your teeth!¬† Take off all that glitz and glamour and see then if you’re going to win the competition!¬† Beauty queens can come up with such BS with this question!¬† Just be honest!¬† You want a freaking boob job!

7)  What is your definition of success?

“To live happily ever after, married with children.” – Should of said:¬† “Winning this competition baby!!!!!”

8)  If you could be on any cover of a magazine, which one would you choose and why?

“TIME Magazine, because I’d like to inspire the world.”¬† Stop lying, you want to end up on PLAYBOY!¬† Especially when your popularity dies down!¬†

9)  What community organizations are you involved in and why?

“Yeah, I believe in helping the less fortunate.¬† We are so lucky to be in a position to help the needy, like people in shelters.” – What should have been said:¬† “Yeah, I believe in helping the less fortunate to make myself look better.¬† Like I actually give a crap.”

10)  If you could have dinner with someone famous (dead or alive) who would it be and why?

FFS, don’t you dare say Nelson Mandela here either!¬†

and the ultimate question always asked at beauty pageants…

11)  If you could only bring one possession with you on a deserted island, what would it be and why?

Don’t say satellite phone either!¬† Actually ask the judge this:¬† “Why the hell would I want to be deserted on an island?¬† With all due respect, what kind of question is that?”


So I hope you know I was just being sarcastic with most answers.¬† Most!¬† Yes, beauty pageants are platforms where women can become famous which would help them getting to know powerful people. ¬† Contestants¬† in pageants aren’t stupid.¬† They are bright, beautiful and powerful women who are doing much more for their communities and countries that what most us are.¬† Contestants should try and answer questions fairly and obviously in a¬† politically correct manner.¬† I’d much rather see a trained beauty queen than a dumbass.¬†

It’s a fact, beautiful people get further in life.¬† So make sure you’re a bloody awesome and smart beauty at that!

That being said:





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Funny Sh*t – The Lonely Island

Good morning Pouters!

So it’s 17 days till the public holiday in South Africa, 26 days till Xmas and 32 days till the year ends (oh and 54 days till my birthday haha!) and you’re still feeling blue because you’re sitting at work, either bored because there’s no work or overloaded with the stuff because it’s almost year-end.


I’ve been sent on a pretty pink ship from a land of candyfloss¬†far far away to take you away from your troubles for a couple of minutes and introduce you to an American Comedy Troupe called The Lonely Island.

Their songs include “Dick in a box”, “3Way”, “Threw it on the ground” and “Turtle neck and chain”, obviously very weird names for songs, which is what makes them so awesomely¬†funny! Their lyrics are probably the funniest I’ve heard in a long time and in one song they actually got ladylike Natalie Portman¬†to rap like she was 50cent or something, telling her fans they can “Suck my D*ck!” nice…

So, you wanna see the genius music videos? Hear the funniest lyrics? Go ahead, you won’t regret it and it would undoubtedly make your Tuesday!

Threw it on the Ground (Ryan Renolds and Elijah Wood star in the vid):

The Creep (Niki Minaj and John Walters):

I just had Sex (Akon and Jessica Alba and Blake Lively…):

Motherlover (Justin Timberlake and Susan Sarandon):

3Way (Lady Gaga & Justin Timberlake)

Jack Sparrow (Michael Bolton):

Hope you enjoyed! Keep Pouting today (but smiling is OK too!)…

Peace and Love xoxox



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Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon

Hi there Pouters and happy Monday…

This weekend I found out (probably much later than most of you) about a game called Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. It works on the “Six Degrees of Seperation” concept, giving us the example that everyone in the world is somehow linked in 6 degrees (or more, or less). The game basically goes like this;

You pick an actor as your “middle man” – in this case we shall use actor Kevin Bacon, and each person chooses a different actor to link with him. If someone can’t make a connection, that person is disqualified and a new “middle man” is chosen.

Did you know these people are linked to Kevin Bacon?

  • Halle Berry was in Bulworth with Oliver Platt who was in Flatliners with Kevin Bacon.
  • Kim Kardashian was in Deep In The Valley with Denise Richards who was in Wild Things with Kevin Bacon.
  • Justin Timberlake was in The Making of What’s Going on: An All-Star Tribute with Queen Latifah who was in Beauty Shop with Kevin Bacon.
  • Jude Law was in Alfie with Marisa Tomei who was in Loverboy with Kevin Bacon.
  • Ashlee Simpson-Wentz was in Party Time Kareoke: Girl Pop 6 with her sister Jessica Simpson who was in Celebrity News Reels: Hollywood’s Most Infamous Couples and Ugliest Breakups with Tom Cruise who was in A Few Good Men with Kevin Bacon.
  • Robert Pattinson was in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire with Gary Oldman who was in Criminal Law with Kevin Bacon.
  • Willow Smith was in Merry Madigascar with Jim Cummings who was in Balto with Kevin Bacon.
  • Lea Michelle was in New Years Eve with Robert De Niro who was in Sleepers with Kevin Bacon.
  • Penelope Cruz was in Head in the Clouds with Charlize Theron who was in Trapped with Kevin Bacon.

and so on…

check out if you’re bored today and play the game. It’s great fun!

Peace and Love xoxox



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