Fit! Fresh! Fabulous!

Hello Pouters!

Fitness is the new fab, yet so many ladies seem to forget the basics when it comes to their appearance at the gym.

Lately when I have been to gym I notice a lot of ladies with make-up on.

The gym just doesn’t seem like a place to wear eyeliner to me. So I’m always  surprised by how many ladies I see sporting it—or lipstick or even a full face of  foundation—while working their rear end off on the elliptical machine.

Now ladies, gym is all about working towards a better you, in more than one way. I can understand if you are a busy business woman and you go straight to gym after work, yet nothing is stopping you from removing your make up before your workout!

It makes sense that you’d want to make yourself feel good while exercising,  especially on the days that you really have to drag yourself to the gym. Yet the motivation should come from within, along with the belief that you can do this and that you can reach your goal. The way I look at it is, I prefer to go to gym with a naked face and sweat my bum off, and then when I need to get dressed to go out and make myself all pretty it is more refreshing.

Make-up not only clogs the pores, but with the combination of sweat it can create bacteria. No-one wants bacteria on their beautiful face. Girls in their teens who are still going through puberty should stay very clear of make-up while at gym, or if you are prone to regular break outs rather keep it fresh.

Going to gym natural to me is so much more rewarding in the long run, simply because I push harder when I know I won’t be sweating through my make-up and secondly who cares what you look like at gym, you are there to better YOURSELF and make YOURSELF look good.

Stop worrying about what other people think, gym is meant to be enjoyed.

So get FIT while you keep FRESH and stay FABULOUS.

X0X0 Megs.

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