Short Shrift

Hello Pouters!

Being a big sports fan, I know that the rugby sevens tour starts in Australia at the end of this month, but I was SHOCKED when I saw the new kit for our very own BlitsBokke.


The Canterbury SA-sponsored playing strip for the 2011/12 HSBC sevens World
Series makes the BlitzBokke look like they’re wearing their underpants over
their shorts. As a fashionista im sure we can all agree that it looks horrible. The shirt design is very eye-catching and creative, surely they could have carried the idea throughout the entire kit, or simply have gone with a simple white pair of shorts?!

The shorts have become a hot topic on social media. The BlitzBokke have been accused of trying to give Superman a run for his money. People have even questioned if they sponsored by a brand of adult nappies this season?!

The new kit is set to debut at the Gold Coast Sevens in
Australia at the end if the month.

We sincerely hope that that gives Saru and Canterbury
enough time to ditch the shorts and go back to the drawing board.

Lets keep hoping on a sexier pair of shorts.

XoXo Megs!


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9 responses to “Short Shrift

  1. hahahhahaha i need one, coz im pissing myself laughing!!

  2. what the feck? i cant believe they agreed to wear it and pose for that picture… terrible!!

  3. Lol Megs, I’m happy I’m not the only one that’s horrified! LOVED this post!

  4. 7wes supporter

    Hou op mown en grown

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