Look Great Without Makeup This Summer

Good morning Poutlings and may you all have a fabulous Friday!

Do you long to feel the wind blowing on your naked face, I mean completely naked face? Sometimes, we all need a break from makeup yet some of us feel incredibly exposed without it however your skin will thank you for a good breather. Sandylashxx will completely disagree with my post, but MissMegsJane last post about ladies at the gym working on their fitness with lots of makeup made me think that there are many times when having a full face of makeup is not needed, such as  summer being right on our doorsteps, there is no point in lying by the pool or beach with a face full of makeup especially if you love the water and want to take a splash and enjoy your swimming!  With the long Christmas holidays on our doorstep, days relaxing at home are not always for a full face of makeup. Embrace it, be natural.

Plus, it saves time when you elect not to wear makeup. But there are some guidlines to follow to make sure that you look great without your makeup:

Practice Religious Skin Care

If you’re going to forgo makeup, you need to take the best possible care of your skin. Twice daily is preferable with a mild cleanser. Followed by a light spritz of toner all over your face, in the morning followed by a day time moisturiser and at night a night cream, do this in the morning before you wake up and before you go to sleep, your skin will thank you in the long run if you use this as your daily routine.

Exfoliate Your Skin at Least 3 Times a Week

This is one of the best kept secrets for beautiful skin – exfoliation. Use a gentle cream exfoliant on your skin and massage your face in circular motions for at least a minute before washing off. This will remove the dead skin cells and increase circulation to your face which will give your skin an amazing glow that is better than blush! Then follow by a spritz of toner and the relevant moisturiser.  For soft, glowing skin.

Getting Plenty of Beauty Sleep

If you are going to go natural, its important to get the adequate sleep needed for beautiful skin. Seven to eight hours of sleep should do your skin wonders! Tired skin looks sallow and can leave bags under the eyes or dark circles around the eyes. If you don’t get enough sleep but still want to go natural, try putting an ice pack on each eye for at least 5 minutes to reduce the “puffy eye” look.

Drink Lots of Water

Your skin looks amazing when you are well hydrated and you should make drinking at least 2 litres of water a day part of your normal beauty routine to maintain your skin hydration, keeping you looking fresh and healthy. Avoid drinking a lot of caffeine as it can act as a duiretic to further dehydrate your skin.

Keep Your Brows and Lashes in Tip Top Shape!

Make sure your brows are neatly groomed and that there are distracting stray hairs out of place and for the sake of my health, please do not dye them blonde… 😉

Make sure your eyelashes are kept clean of any residual makeup to avoid them breaking from mascara from the day before, use a gentle eye makeup remover on them if you couldn’t get it off the night before, and if you have straight lashes invest in an eyelash curler to open those peepers up!

Keep Your Lips Moisturised

Get addicted to your lip ice. Its a good addiction, not as expensive as contraband and more rewarding than suffering from dry, chapped lips. Applying moisture to them to keep them smooth and soft to the touch. Even a touch of clear lip gloss can give your face a natural glow, but be careful if your going to be lying in the sun, or doing any outdoor activity as gloss and hair like to stick together and it doesn’t look glamourous as all.

Any woman, can look good without makeup if she practices her skin care as a general lifestyle habit daily, looking after your skin can make your makeup look even better in the long run.

Let me know if you’ll doing the natural thing this summer? I’m sure I will be over Christmas… especially in our Mother City,  CAPE TOWN, if it happens to be anywhere near as hot as it was last year, makeup just melted off your face!




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18 responses to “Look Great Without Makeup This Summer

  1. buahahhaha Fi. You are absolutely right. I will NEVER go natural. I will even have it stated in my will that i would like to go in a smokey eye effect maybe! hahahaha. Btw, I forgot to tell megs, when i work out, i always do my lips! have to look good i tell ya. hahaha. Plus, exfoliation doesn’t help for everybody. Not only does it scrub off the dead skin, but also the new skin cells too. thats why im not allowed to use an exfoliant. My beauty therapist puts on some awesome stuff that exfoliates dead skin only. She said i must stay away from ANY exfoliant with granuals in. But this is all because of my scarred face. haha.. Thank God, i hate swimming or tanning. So i’m all good. BUT, i do believe in what you said in the sense of…. Girls are starting makeup application too early. If they can postpone makeup use and go all natural, then its AWESOME… I’m far too Jersey for au natural at this point. hahahahaha

    • Hahahaha tooo Jersey for au natural. Well doing your lips is totally different to your whole face, but sweating all that make-up into your pores is a big turn off for me. Yet like you can’t use exfoliants, I cant use toner, I find that it ruins my skin and takes off the natural layer of oil.

  2. wow… this is making me guilty! it is 2:45 am and I am reading about beauty sleep! I will definitely do that right now 🙂

  3. I’m bad. Very bad. I don’t do stuff to my skin. I um, only wash it with Clean and Clear… *feels guilty now* I should start though and I’m going to… soon!

    • Learn to moisturise your skin, even if you think you may have an oily skin, one day when wrinkles start to set in, you’ll be so greatful for looking after your skin when you were younger 🙂 its never too late to start!

  4. I agree w this article 100%! 🙂 where I live (australia) when summer hits there are days where ur makeup will just run due to hot weather… I ❤ make up but its liberating to have a break from it too! 🙂

    • Hello Sarah from down under, our climates can be similar, depending on where in Australia you are! At the beginning of this year I drove from Johannesburg to Cape Town with my boyfriend and friends, we arrived in Cape Town to a 40 degree heatwave – even me, with dead straight hair – my hair was frizzy from the heat. So surreal, did a whole 2 weeks without makeup and my skin loved me for it when I got back! 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by our little blog xxxxx

  5. Thank you for this blog post! Can I say I started using Bio Oil on my face and neck twice a day and it has made a remarkable difference in my skin! I bought it because a girlfriend told me it was good for reducing the look of scars, but it’s so much more! I highly recommend it for women in ANY climate…

    • Hi there, my pleasure. I have actually heard from a lot of people that bio oil works wonders for scarring and smooth skin! Thanks for stopping by our little blog. Hope to see you commenting again soon!! 🙂 xxx

  6. xxx-lucyv-xxx

    I’ve recently pledged to have Sunday’s as my “no makeup” day…. its difficult!!

  7. Feeling guilty for not drinking enough water!!!!

  8. brilliant write up, and so true!!!

  9. I would like to thanks for the efforts you have contributed in composing this post. I am hoping the same top-quality post from you in the future as well. In fact your creative writing abilities has inspired me to begin my own blog now. Truly the blogging is spreading its wings quickly. Your write up is a good model of it.

  10. Looks good, i went ahead and bookmarked it on Digg under “Look Great Without Makeup This Summer | Pout Perfection”. Keep up with the good stuff.

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