Weekend Trend Crush: Au Naturèl Makeup

Hi there Pouting Perfects;

So, lately I’ve noticed our bloggers have been doing the “natural makeup” thing lately and I decided to do some research on this phenomena that’s been taking over the Pout Perfection team, except our fabulous Sandylash of course, who loves her makeup.

Anyway, celebs such as Natalie Portman and Jennifer Aniston are amongst the fabulous bunch in Hollywood who prefer to keep their faces fresh and empty of things such as eyeliner or eyeshadow; they seem to opt for blushes and bronzers instead.

So, are you the girl who loves her lipliner and/or lipstick with her designer clothes or are you the girl who loves her jeans and T-shirt and natural makeup?

If, like me, you are a woman of multiple personalities and can’t just stick to one look, then try the natural look in the day and the made-up-to-the-nines at night. That way you’ll please all the crazy girls in you head!

Have an awesome weekend Pouters and pout pretty!

Peace and Love;

Your favourite party girl – MarindaLiza ♥


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6 responses to “Weekend Trend Crush: Au Naturèl Makeup

  1. These looks are OK, because they’re still wearing makeup. But WTF are you all drinking? really! OMG. I’m shocked. My gaw is hanging in a very UNNATURAL way! hahahaha. Are you all smoking natural stuff? hahahaha.

    • hehehe don’t you ever get lazy to do your makeup Sandz? 🙂

    • Look, being a dive master and have been diving for the past 10 years, I learnt at a young age that there is definately a time for makeup and a time not for makeup.
      Being that scuba diving, sounds glamourous, I can tell you right now its not. Its full of snot and pee in wetsuits.
      The ladies when I first started diving had all given into the tattoo makeup phase and were all having their eyeliner, lipliner, and eyebrows tattooed so that they would look good for a 3:30am start – to be honest, I couldn’t give a monkey’s bum. I’m a good scuba diver, and I’m there to dive, and not care what I look like, 9/10 I’m looking after peoples lives while doing so, if I’m really more concerned about my mascara smudging when diving, I think I’d have a seriass problem.
      Once the dives for the day are done and dusted, I’d go get shower and put on a lil bit of blush, mascara and eyeliner and everyone would say I look good.
      What I’m trying to get at is that there is a time to be painted to the 9s and there are times when its really not necessary.

      • hey for sure… you’re right… I just can’t ever go grocery shopping without makeup. I can’t even go on a lazy sunday afternoon to the dvd store without makeup. hahaha. Fi, you got bawls to do scuba diving. i’m far too shizzle scared.

        I’m odd… the once my sister was having a braai. And i just walked into the swimming pool really calm in all my clothes and just stood there in the pool (and i HATE swimming). Then i got back out, and just laughed. Everyone thinks im wack. But that was enough swimming for a year. Just that few seconds of madness. I made sure NOT to wet my face though.

        If my hubby to be one day decides to take me to a tropical island one day for honeymoon, i’ll flip. luckily Nick knows it far too well. My gosh, aren’t we all so diverse? love it!

  2. Creeatd the greatest articles, you have.

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