Bitch Please, you ain’t never gonna be Marilyn Monroe!

Hello again my lovelies…

It frustrates me so much when I see celebrities trying to manifest the screen goddess and despite these girls being absolutely gorgeous and brilliant actresses, I don’t think any of them have that certain “something” that Norma Jean used to have… think I’m wrong? Take the actress they chose to play Marilyn in the next film about her life for example; Michelle Williams. Now, I’m sure if I were the director I would at least have made an effort to get something as equally charming to portray the icon. Not bland and boring I-think-I-have-a-sour-smell-under-my-nose Michelle Williams!

But alas, I probably would have had a problem with any actress they chose anyway. Just look at these girls who have portrayed her in some way or another and tell me what you think:

Personally, I think the best choice for the directors of My Week with Marilyn would have been Scarlett Johanson. She’s sexy, curvy and has that certain “something” that makes her attractive and (bonus!) she can act! Check out the trailer and let me know what you think, because I think the movie looks brilliant, it’s just missing the main ingredient: MARILYN MONROE!!!

Have a lovely eve poutlings!



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6 responses to “Bitch Please, you ain’t never gonna be Marilyn Monroe!

  1. Agree with you that they should’ve chose Scarlett, but let’s watch the movie and see how it goes. xx

  2. lili

    i think such role would be too similar to a few of Scarlett Johanson’s previous roles.

  3. I agree to doll, Marilyn Monroe is a truly natural beautiful woman, and getting someone to act on her half, I dont know about the choice but we’ll see.

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