House Hunting: The Pouter’s Guide to finding a Lovenest

Aloha pretty people of Pout Perfectionland;

This is the first time this entire weekend I’ve gotten to sit down. Why? Because me and boyfriend Ryan have decided to take the big plunge into finding our own place together and moved in this past weekend. So, needless to say, I’m bushed. You never quite know how much junk you have until you need to move it from one place to another, especially if like Ryan, you have never moved before.

So, I thought I should educate my fellow young pouters on what to do when they are hunting for their first place (like Kirsten and Rob) , as it’s a topic I’ve suddenly become an expert in, thanks to the move into our lovenest.

  • SAVE!!!

 You might think that this is the most obvious advice anyone can give you and in actual fact, it is, but it’s also the most important advice you will ever recieve for house hunting. Or anything else for that matter. The more you save, the greater your deposit will be, which in turn, gets you a bigger and better place whether you’re renting or buying.


 Don’t just go look at one place and decide that’s it, because I can’t stress enough how many times I told Ryan that I’d found my dream home, only to be blown away by the next one we’d go look at. The first place we saw was a tiny granny flat on someone else’s property and I loved it. The second was a flat with metal stairs in the middle of the lounge and I loved that too. And so it went on. Eventually we viewed a place that was close to his parents and my family, close to work, had 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, a massive yard and an awesome view for the same rent as the others. SCORE!


Don’t just go for it. Make 100% sure you can afford it and that it’s the right place for you. Make sure you can afford the monthly groceries and basic cleaning products, make sure that you can afford the electricity, make sure you can afford the water and make sure that you won’t starve near the end of the month. Try sort out the big furniture before moving out of your parents’ house. Do you know someone who can help you out with a microwave of fridge? Ask them! The worst they can do is say no, then you just save up and get one yourself and only then move out.


OK, now you’ve saved, browsed and budgeted and you’ve found the perfect place. What now? Well, if you’re moving into a complex or cluster (or whatever the case may be), make sure to ask the landlords or the body corporate to email you a copy of the Leese Agreement (if renting) and the Body Corporate Rules. You’ll need these for if the poo hits the fan. Most places don’t allow animals, for example, so if you’ve decided you wanted to bring Poochy with you, you might have to make other arrangements and it will all be written in either of these documents.


Try your best to pack ONLY what you’ve actually used in the last year or so. Old clothes can be given to charity, old toys can be given to nieces and nephews and your Spice Girl memorabilia can really be thrown away.


 Set up a bit of a gameplan, like you’re doing a rugby match. Plan out where to put everything and if you’re moving in with someone else, go over it with them first as to avoid friction and arguing later. Decide who is going to do what, when and how. Organise either a company to help move or get family and friends to help you out. Otherwise, if you’re fussy like me, get your dad and boyfriend and nobody else, because there’s no greater feeling than showing people what you could accomplish with little help.


This has been my least favourite part. It’s the most dragged-out and awful thing about the whole experience. Figuring out where the small stuff goes, realising you don’t have enough cupboard space for all your cups and you don’t have enough hangers for your clothes. FML! But when it’s all done, you feel like you’ve achieved greatness. Which you have, and you’re awesome!

So, I hope my tips have helped you a little in finding your little lovenest. I hope both you and Robsten can find happiness in your perfect little housie!

Have a super Monday further my lovelynesses!

Peace and love xoxox



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7 responses to “House Hunting: The Pouter’s Guide to finding a Lovenest

  1. I’m so happy for you Marinda, I wish all the best luck, love and happiness in your new abode.

  2. I’ve told you many times before how proud I am of you. It’s a great and informative post! thank you for sharing a piece of your life with us all. mwah. Remember to bless the house my sweetie. Pray in each and every room. And ask for God’s blessings. Remember to sign it of in Jesus’ Name! Amen! Now i need to bring you a house plant! haha. xx

  3. xxx-lucyv-xxx

    Congrats! Let the bills come in!

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