Hello my Stunning Pouters!

Ok, now imagine you’re a celebrity!  You have fans that send you letters, emails and messages on how much they love you.  How much you changed their life!  They thank you with some ARTWORK.  It’s probably a way of them taking time to do something dedicated specially for you. 

How would you feel if you got some of these MASTERPIECES?

Elijah Wood

Brad Pitt

Chris Martin, mr Coldplay himself.

Daniel Craig.  (He looks like an electric tin opener)

Donald Trump

Drew Barrymore.  I also have a headache Drew….

Jamie Bell, leading actor in the New Tintin 3D movie.

Kate Winslet.  This is terrible, unless it was drawn by a 2-year-old.

J-Lo.  I don’t like this fur-wearing woman.  At all.  Guess with all that “gold” she’ll just buy more fur.  Sis Jenny!

Miss Paris Hilton. 

Ryan Reynolds.  Some of you females think he is the sexiest thing alive.  Did this fan do this man justice?

K-Pimp-Daddy himself, Ryan Seacrest.

Shia LeBouf.  I can’t stand this dudes name.  In Portuguese, a fart is known as “BUFA”, pronounced “BOOFA”.  I just can’t watch a movie with him anymore.  Sounds like it’s always featuring a FART.

Tom Hanks

So what would you say if you were a celebrity and got this kind of artwork from an obsessed fan?  Smile, accept and throw it away?  NOOOOO you ungrateful person!  Do the proper thing!  Send it to  hahaha.  So go have a look at if you’re a little bored and have a bit of a laugh.  Enjoy! xx


Sandylash xx


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  1. This made me laugh so hard! Thanks for the giggle XD

  2. I’d probably cry, call my plastic surgeon, book a complete renewed version of myself, then once I look even more hawt and plastic. I’d submit it with a new picture of myself, and be like “some kids cannot draw!” wakaka.
    That’s all 🙂

    • hahahha Fi! Now that was funny. What would we do without celebrities and fans? We wouldn’t have a blog i guess. I give them props for making my life seem normal and entertaining. xx

  3. xxx-lucyv-xxx

    Oh good lord! Shame!

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  5. If you are going to steal from my site at least identify the pictures correctly. The picture you have as Kate Winslet is in fact Brian Moloko of Placebo.

    • Oh hello. Is that so? Odd, since it was shown as her in the site and also on the Graham Norton show and of course the internet. Weird hey? Shall I remove it then for you???

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