Hey there stunning people! 

It’s boiling hot here in the bushveld.  Yet I sit here, drinking a cup of coffee!  #coffeeaddict.

I know it’s only Tuesday and the last thing on people’s minds is to “PARTY”.  Oh my goodness, I don’t know how to “party”!  I’m turning 26 pretty soon and I’ve never been to a nightclub,  never been drunk and I do not smoke.  So maybe this post might seem judgemental? 

Yes, many of you will think how can this Sandy be against things without having ever experienced it?  Well, apparently drugs make you feel great!  Go try it!!! 

Not EVERYTHING NEEDS TO BE TRIED OUT!   People have this mindset that when you’re young you have to get drunk, have to go clubbing, have to screw around, you have to try out many boyfriends/girlfriends.  I’m not judging.  I just don’t go mainstream.  I question everything. 

Speaking to guys now, they say that girls these days are the players, guys don’t think much of their behaviour.  And yet these chicks get all the attention.  haha.  That’s because they being taken advantage of.

Look, I’m not expecting you to be a goody-two-shoes,   I’ve been to enough gatherings to know that the “party” life is not the life I want at all.  You have to sit there and watch the people from and outsiders perspective.  Question it.  Does it look good?  Classy? Do you want to be like that?

 Let’s just look at 4 examples of “Girls behaving badly”.

“The Woohoo Girl” –  This is the kind of girl who loves to be the centre of attention (for all the wrong reasons)  Sufferers of this condition will have the following symptoms:

  • Drink a lot of cocktails, shooters and all of the alcohol on the list especially when with men.  They tend to order drinks with some sexual reference.  In their mind this is sexy.  (But they’re drunk, what do they know?)
  • They wear either extremely short, tight or titty revealing clothing.  This is to ensure the attention-o-meter is running at an all time high.
  • They huddle in groups with other “Woohoo girls” and constantly giggle and scream “WOOOOOOHOOOOOOO” waving a drink around!
  • Signs of desperation is later revealed on the dance floor.   These kinds of girls will engage in dancing with other females as to attract the men.  Little do they know, flies love el’crappo!
  • They get a kick out of announcing they have a major hangover the next afternoon.  This is just a conversation starter to engage with other “cool” people on Twitter and Facebook Popularity-o-meter will run high for sure! 
  • They magically start speaking another language.  “Shluuuuur squeek, shluuuur, squeek, hiccup, wooooooohooooooo are you again?”

I don’t even feel like elaborating more to be quite honest.  These kinds of females just want attention from men.  So that they can be the most popular, coolest and sexiest biatches around!


Women chewing gum with their mouths open!  This behaviour is just unacceptable.  Chewing with your mouth open like a camel on roids is never flattering!  Yes, God made camels too, but if He wanted you to chew like one,  then you would’ve been born in the desert chewing to your hearts content.   In South-Africa, the locals LOOOOOVE chewing their gum while popping it as they speak. 

Then you’ll get girls that pull on the gum to form this looooong string.  Twisting it around their fingers.  Not only is this unhygienic, but all I see in my sick head is a vagina chewing on a tampon and it just doesn’t want to let it go!  Really!  It’s that bad!   (Oh this is going to get the tongues flapping)

“Smoking While Driving Syndrome”

Nothing gets my blood boiling more than that of a woman holding her cigarette while driving.  If you are guilty of this, I’m sorry to say, but you’re contributing to pollution!  haha.  I don’t mind if a woman smokes.  Ok, I wouldn’t want my daughter to smoke, but if you’re going to whip out your cancer stick, don’t do it in the car.  What if it falls on your lap?  You could cause not only lung cancer, 2nd degree burns but you could seriously land up making a huge accident. 

The smell doesn’t escape from the car just because the window is open and you’re driving fast either!  Believe meWhen I get into my dads car.  It wreaks ASHTRAY!    It’s an expensive hobby too.  Why?

  • Extra special whitening toothpaste!
  • Cigarettes aren’t getting cheaper.
  • Smokers need to buy extra doses of freshening gum.
  • Your teeth take on a yellow nicotine colour!  This means more trips to the dentists! 
  • Plus if you’re smoker and a lover of black coffee, you’re pretty much screwed! 
  • You won’t get much tongue action.  Believe it or not, but men dislike smoke flavored kisses. 


Ah yes!  The famous one.  Girls and their lollipops.  Another form of attention-deficit-disorder.  Guess what ladies?  We ALL know how to do this.  Some of us just don’t advertise it!

Right, so this post wasn’t written intentionally to upset anyone.  It’s just for a laugh.  Let me know what chicks do that make your eyes roll.   I’d love to hear it! 

However, I do believe there are things you should experience.  If you don’t know what is bad, how will you appreciate the good things in life?  And yes, go out with friends, but be wise.  Be careful. You don’t have to behave as though you’re a PARTY ANIMAL every weekend you go out as though it’s your first or last!  I’m talking about serious party animals here. 

(When my boyfriend was in varsity, he’d go out with friends.  (F.Y.I, he is far from a party animal)  But nothing was more gratifying than getting that talk face-to-face about how much he appreciated and loved  me for being different, classy and beautiful. 

You can’t keep your partner/yourself blindfolded from life, but you don’t have to let them/yourself jump in head first. 

Stay Classy… Always!




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