Saved by the Bell?!

Hello Pouters!

I hope we all still keeping fit and fabulous, summer is in full swing now even more reason to love the gym and get sweaty!

I’m sure you have all heard of KETTLEBELLS!

Kettlebell workouts have been around for a few centuries now but are now more popular than ever due to the amazing intense workouts that kettlebells offer. Kettlebell’s have stood the test of time and have proven themselves over and over to be an amazing piece of exercise equipment that is versatile, portable, can be used anywhere and it is devastatingly effective!

This strange exercise tool that resembles a cannon ball with a handle on it is one hell of an intense and powerful way to lose weight, gain muscle, build up fitness and get energized and healthy all in around 20 – 30 minutes.

More often times than not, people seldom stick to their exercise routines for the mere fact that they get bored with doing the same routine over and over again. With a kettlebell workout, you can find different ways to break from the monotony and still get excellent results. A kettlebell is designed for the exerciser to engage in a swinging motion which keeps the individual focused on controlling each movement instead of just repeatedly counting the reps.

A kettlebell comes in different weights, which can be used to target different muscles of the body. The routines that you can do with a kettlebell require all primary muscles to be targeted. All one needs to do is change one’s swinging motion or direction to shift the focus on the primary working muscle. With such a simple ball and handle, it is the only workout equipment that allows
versatility and creativity from the user. One can experiment with so many kinds of movement and target almost all muscles of the body to give you excellent toning or body building results.

Unlike most weights and workout machines, a kettlebell workout incorporates both cardio and weight lifting principles. When you do a kettlebell workout, you engage in a swinging motion that needs the whole body to utilize. Because of this, you get a more effective workout routine.

More so, since you need to incorporate all the primary muscles in doing the routine, then you need less time to achieve the desired results. Unlike weight lifting, where you isolate a particular part of the body, a kettlebell workout’s swinging motion keeps the heart rate up. This incorporates cardio exercise properties along with weight lifting elements.

In order to stabilize the swinging motion of the kettlebell and its weight, you would need to constantly engage your center and lower back. You do squats and lunges to keep the ball in motion, which is the best way to get your legs and gluts to its perfect form.

There is no exercise training equipment yet that is as effective as this

Kettlebell workout routines will get your heart pumping in no time. With all the available weights it comes in, it is perfect for beginners to more advanced trainers. Even if you have not lifted weights before or you are just simply lazy
to go to a gym to get the body you have always wanted, you will find this simple yet extremely effective equipment convenient, practical, and

Kettlebells can be purchased in any sporting goods store. They are so popular nowadays that you can easily find them online.

Those six-pack abs, shapely legs and gluts, firm biceps may no longer be a faraway dream. So what are you waiting for? Pick up a kettlebell now and start swinging!

Just like any weight lifting machine or equipment, start with a lightweight kettlebell. It may seem extra light at first, but once you start swinging it, it can get really heavy fast. It is highly recommended that you give extra attention to your form when doing the routine. Try to engage all your major muscles – your lower back, your legs, your biceps, and your core.

The basic kettlebell routine is swinging the ball with both hands in between your upper thighs. Do this to get the feel and confidence of controlling the swinging movement. With this simple routine, you will be able to feel its effect on your primary muscles within minutes.

Here is a video you can watch to get an idea:

Give it a try Pouters!!!



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4 responses to “Saved by the Bell?!

  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, gonna get me one. Thanks Megs! xx

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  4. Awesome post! I will keep an on eye on your blog.

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