The Road to Miss SA, in case you missed it…

Hello Poutlings

It’s hump day! Despite the fact I could fall asleep at my desk now from working on a fantastic shoot painting 3 gorgeous models last night for a stunning jewellery catalouge (when the pictures are ready I will have to let you know about the designs, the models, photographer and the designer… oooh exciting!). I am happy its only 2 sleeps until weekend. *yawn*

But that aside, since we haven’t spoken about it on here yet, I thought it would be a good day to speak about the Road to Miss SA which is on Mzansi Magic, DSTV channel 107. Yes, I’m a little delayed as this show has been on for a couple of weeks now but I only managed to catch part of an episode on Monday evening, having heard mixed reviews from everyone being that its brilliant, hilarious, terrible, embarassing or just okay when I actually caught it on the TV, I tortured my poor boyfriend to watch it from about half way through until the end. Bless his poor soul, I do torture him with some horrible stuff, going to shoots, makeup applications before weddings. I am so lucky to have him and I do love him ever so much 😉 just putting that out there. Meanwhile back at the ranch – back to my blog.

So, firstly, what is it??

From the inception of the show, on 9th of October @ 17:30, of the show on air, South Africans have been able to watch the progress of the 33 Miss SA finalists at the Miss SA workshops, hosted at Sun City.

Yes, Mzansi Magic have in fact turned Miss SA into a reality show (in case you were wondering…)

What to expect when watching?

The Road to Miss SA will showcase the workshops that the semi-finalists endure, with interview sections of the girls and of course the highly opinionated and know all judges; Principal Judge and former Miss South Africa, Sonia Raciti-Oshry, Joan Ramagoshi (former Miss SA), Sonia Booth (former Miss SA 2nd Princess), Kieno Kammies (talk show host & journalist), Gert Johan Coetze (designer) and Paledi Segapo (fashion consultant).

As well as dun dunn dunn… you guessed it an elimination process! The semi-finalists will be given tasks to complete during the workshops and will be judged accordingly. By the end of the workshops only 16 girls will remain and the 12 finalists will only be revealed a week before the  pageant, which will be held in the Superbowl at Sun City on 11 December.

Its not a bad show, but its not great, its just some background noise which can be amusing at times because females are weird. Especially females trying to be overtly feminine. Apart from that, it can be quite dull. But then again, these are ladies and not “wooo girls” like Sandylashxx mentioned in her previous post and don’t really make great television because they have to be nice and presentable, unlike the Kardashians – ha ha.

That aside, have you watched it and what is your opinion of them turning Miss SA into a commercial reality show? I’m sure the contestants love it as it makes them famous for 5 minutes but really, no one will notice them.



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4 responses to “The Road to Miss SA, in case you missed it…

  1. i’m sorry but BUT. look at the 2nd chick! When i saw that pose, i thought of chicken drumsticks from a very thin chicken! Goodness! Posture poppie!!! haha

  2. Elektrische Zahnbuerste

    Couldn?t be developed any much better. Reading this post reminds me of my old room mate! He always kept talking about this. I will forward this report to him. Pretty certain he will possess a great read. Thanks for sharing!

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