Are You Ready For Breaking Dawn?

Hey there readers;

So, don’t deny it or anything, because I know you’re all counting down the days, hours and minutes till you’ll be perving over Edward or Jacob and drooling every time they take their shirts off (that’s 6 days, 144 hours, 8640 minutes and 518 400 seconds to the uncool kids in the back), so I’ve compiled a few funnies I’ve found on the internet to keep you entertained until then… enjoy it my lovelies!

Oh and just so you know, I love it when guys watch it and enjoy it. Whether you’re straight OR gay! What the hell does it even matter anyway? It’s a movie! And the more guys who can be like Edward or Jacob – THE BETTER! So Ha!

Anyway have a fan-friggin-tastic eve/afternoon/morning (wherever in the world you are) Pouters!

Peace and love xoxox



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3 responses to “Are You Ready For Breaking Dawn?

  1. the last picture – LEGENDARY!!

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