Honey, will you help me paint my toenails?!

Hiya Poutlings 😉

Chuck Liddell

Dean Mc Dermott


 So, you’re probably wondering what natural substance I’m on, because you cant see anything in the pictures I’ve posted above. Well, I’m asking you to have a good look again.

See it now? No? Go back and look again!!

Really, do it…. Have a good look. There is something not right in all of the pictures above!

Loook!!! Loook!!!!!!!

Spot the similarities!!!


Do you still not notice anything strange? You may notice that all the men in those pictures above have one thing in common. They are all wearing toenail polish. Not exactly the definition of masculinity – in my opinion. I understand that these men may have daughters that may have wanted to paint daddy’s toes – but for heaven’s sake – TAKE IT OFF BEFORE YOU LEAVE THE HOUSE. Am I missing something here or has this become the latest Hollywood trend?

Have a fantastic weekend pouters!!



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6 responses to “Honey, will you help me paint my toenails?!

  1. that is really… bizarre! i hadn’t noticed that before on these particular stars… or on any other guys for that matter!

    • I thought so too, I don’t think it’ll catch on as a trend, or at least I’ll pray to all known gods and ask them to make sure that it doesn’t.
      I don’t know how I’d feel if I came home to my man painting his toe nails, unless if it was for a fancy dress. ha ha.
      Thanks for the comment Sarah! x

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