So it’s the month of the MAN! 

Let’s have a look at  photos of actual women with beards.  These women were usually found in Circus Freak Shows.  But thanks to laser treatments today, doubt women would sport this look anymore!

I’m so fascinated with the whole “Freak Show” era.  I don’t think its weird.  Just amazing what some people had to endure!  And be ridiculed for something beyond their control.  Paraded around for the “freaks” they were.  Must have been a terrible sad life. 

Let’s look at what some of our modern ladies would look with a bit of man-hair today!

hehehe.  So that’s what our stars would look like with a Movember Mane!  You like?


Sandylash xx


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  1. Useful article – makes a nice change from all the regular hyperbole loads of commentators spout on the topic.

  2. I’m so anti this doing a mo thing with makeup… because Brett said he wouldn’t take a picture of me with it! Ha ha, will see if I can convince him tomorrow.
    By the way, REALLY prefer the ladies without the facial hair… lol

  3. Still think Ashlee looks like Jesus… O.o it freaks my mind

  4. Very interesting topic, thank you for posting.

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