Hey Pouters!

Wanna see some eye-candy as they say?

Let’s have a look at this model.  Her name is Eve.

Name:       Eve

Age:            31

Height:     6 feet and 8 inches.

Claim to fame:   Front cover on a magazine in a bikini and shot to fame over night!

Activities:             Full time model and also wrestles men for $400.00 an hour!

Nationality:         German and Dutch.

Shoe size:  14.



SandyLash xx


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20 responses to “MODEL ALERT!

  1. Oh my freaken God!!! Sandy this can’t be real???
    She’s beautiful but Gigantic! She’s almost a Giant!

  2. She’s still beautiful but WOW Man! I think I wouldn’t even reach her knees. I’d reach her bum since I reach by normal people’s waist!
    This is a hoax, right? 😛

  3. Good lord, I know models are meant to be tall, but FECK ME!!!
    She is pretty, but she needs a gigantic man to be taller than her to be married, otherwise it should be illegal.
    Imagine if she had a husband as big as Tom Cruise, she’d crush him with her baby toe! ha ha ha xxxx

  4. Hahaha Tom Cruz??? lol
    As for a husband “who’d fill her vjayjay out”…is there such a guy?
    He’d also have to be enormous!
    You must find out if she’s married.
    Shame man, I feel sorry for her….she may never find a man. Lol

  5. lol sandy, you know how short I am. I am barely 1.45m (5ft1). I’ll reach her knees surely? And I’m not even exagerrating!

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  7. Would love to forever get updated great site ! .

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