Be a Movember Milady!

So, you’re probably wondering… “What does MOvember have to do with ME?? I’m a girl!”.

Well, us at PoutPerfection have been thinking about that and we think that even though you’re a girl, you can still show your support for the guys by drawing your own Mo!

Sandy’s Mo…

All through the month of November, we’ll be running a contest on the Facebook Pout Perfection Blog Page where the best drawn moustache will win! So, ladies, get those eyeliners out, draw your sexy ‘tache and send your photo to, then once your photo has been added, call on all your friends to “like” your photo. The photo with the most likes becomes our Movember Milady!

Fi’s Mo…

Whether it be a sexy Mo, a scary Mo, a lovely Mo or just a plain weird Mo… Don’t be a chicken, show us your support! Email us all through November with your Mo!

Marlie’s Mo…

Meg’s Mo…

Marinda’s Mo…

Have fun drawing that moustache Ladies!



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6 responses to “Be a Movember Milady!

  1. omg, whats the opposite of a drag queen? we could all do it so well.
    love the mo’s ladies… 🙂

  2. I don’t ordinarily comment but I gotta admit regards for the post on this perfect one :D.

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