Manly Monday: Small Man Syndrome

Hello there Pouters (and the men of Pouters or whatever)…

Ever notice the short guys at the gym? Notice how some of them buff up to the point of insanity?

Also known as Napoleon Complex (Obviously named after famous short man Napoleon Bonaparte): Short men who often act more aggresive than their taller counterparts in order to gain respect.


Ever since psychologist Alfred Adler concluded that men below average height have an inferiority complex and try to compensate for it in other ways (in 1912), people have  just assumed that this is the norm and often dub a short guy as having “small man syndrome” when he loses his temper, but recent studies have proved otherwise.

They paired short and tall men against each other, giving them games to play in which they were exposed to deliberate provocation and it turns out that the taller men happened to have shorted fuses than the littler guys! Problem is, when a short man loses his temper it is the first explanation that people tend to think of.

Sound familiar Tom Cruise?

So, before you judge the poor short guy at the gym, ladies and gentlemen, think about it this way: he has just as much right as you to be there and maybe the one judging him is the one with the problem!

P.S. Napoleon was about 1.6m (abt 5 ft 7) tall, which is pretty average and was actually kind of tall back in his day, so who knows why they call him SHORT!!

Anyway guys and girls of PoutPerfectionland… only an hour left of work so be good!



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6 responses to “Manly Monday: Small Man Syndrome

  1. hahaha babe. short men have to make up somewhere for their lack in height. most short men i know are cocky little shits! And have cot sydrome. They can’t get what they want, they moer everything out of the cot. hehe. omg, my nickypooh is 2m tall. what does that say?

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  3. Hey, you used to write great, but the last few posts have been kinda boringK I miss your tremendous writings. Past few posts are just a little bit out of track! come on!

  4. Yeah bookmaking this wasn’t a bad decision outstanding post!

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