ssssshhhhhhh I’ve got a secret.  Want to know what it is?  I’ll tell you on one condition… You tell EVERYBODY!

Oh I’m joking! 

Right my dahlings.  You all know that I’m all about improvement?  I’ve done so with myself!  Regarding looks that is.  I’m not blowing my own horn now, but I look far better than I did before!  Everybody should aim to look better, be healthier, friendlier, humble and just constantly want to improve themselves in any way.

Donald Trump would never want to live in a trailer park!  Not because he is a snob, but he aims for better and better. 

I LOVE BEFORE AND AFTER stories.  It really motivates me.  Makes me feel great knowing there is hope.

Most of you females out there perv over half-naked men!  (uhg)  Makes me kinda sick.  It’s just a body.  Gosh.  Y’all perv over George, Robert, Enrique and so on.  Guess what?  They pick their noses, fart, sit on a potty and have dumps!  So please, don’t idolize them.  BTW, idolizing is a bad thing!

Just as much as you love perving over men, so does your partner perv over other women.  Women with bigger and better boobs, smoochable lips, hot curves, tight ass and legs that go for miles.  This is bad!  It’s like planting a seed of expectation in our minds.  Rather be appreciative of the person next to you!  He or she is the one loving you!  Supporting you!  Most probably die for you!  Unfortunately media has made things difficult for people.  Celebrities and stars don’t know of our existence.  So let’s chill on the “hubba hubba” and “drooling” mentality.

What would you do if tv never existed?  Nothing.  What the eye doesn’t see…… (You know the rest)

Anyway, I cannot make the world think like I do.  Guess I’ll have to show you what one of the so-called “HOTTEST MEN” alive looked like in his younger day.  Props to him for improving.  Would you have wanted to scream over him back then? 


LOOK!  It’s Edward playing soccer! 

What makes him beautiful to me?  Well, he is from Madeira.  That’s where my whole family is from!  Madeira is a tiny island no bigger than the Kruger National Game Park.  So to me, he went all out for his dreams and became one of the world’s best soccer players.  The first thing he did with money was buying his parents a home in Madeira.  Financially setting them for life!   He supports his family very much.  He is close to his family and thanks God for his blessings.  That’s what makes him attractive!

Beauty fades, but good deeds?  Well, you know.

On a lighter note.  If you are planning becoming famous.  Then the most obvious thing to do is!  Fix those pearly whites!  You’ll look more tappable and probably have few extra 10 000 followers on twitter or something. hehe.


Sandylash xx


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  1. Shortnez

    Way to go! Love this article Sandz. As for Ronaldo, he was a cute kid, adorable teen and even better grown man. Lolz.
    Improvements and accentuating the good stuff But mostly Confidence, Kindness, Humility and Manners always makes people more appealing! I agree, Idolizing people is no good. Rather admire and encourage them to continue their great work instead of putting them up on Pedastals. They are human afterall and they do make mistakes. 🙂

  2. You couldn’t have said it better Prue! I must stress that I don’t think his taste in women before his current one was any good. Quite disturbing actually! Kim? Paris? I mean really! But I blame that on what fame and fortune does. Sometimes one has to make mistakes not so? I’m so happy you loved it Prue! I really respect you! So it’s great getting feedback from you!

    • Shortnez

      My absolute pleasure. I thoroughly enjoy reading the Pout Perfection blog. You ladies do an amazing job. Thank you for keeping us informed. I do agree, his choices in women did leave a whole lot to be desired. I’m glad he wised up. I’m no soccer fan and soccer players don’t tickle my fancy but I still gotta point out the good. As for Rugby players, That Montgomery dude was pretty good looking until baby Lambie showed up. He’s just so freaken adorable. And an excellent player. Thanks Sandy, you’re awesome! 🙂

  3. Eish I’ve never been a fan of Ronaldo. To be honest, I don’t like any soccer players. They almost always cheat on their wives with prozzies, crash motherlessly expensive cars and think their shit don’t stink. Noooo thank you!

  4. nicolette

    You so right, great article sands. You say it like it is. Well done.

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