Makeup To Have – CATRICE

Heya amigos!

Right, so people who know me, know I LOVE M.A.C , INGLOT and of course THE BODY SHOP! 

However, a while back I was in search of new makeup.  Looked around and found this brand called CATRICE.  I saw it was available at DisChem pharmacies.  Went, and bought some.  Boy oh boy!  Did I fall in love with it.  It’s brilliant makeup.  Made in Germany.  Doesn’t test on animals. 

Four internationally renowned makeup artists were invited to “evaluate” Catrice makeup products.  Loni Baur, Nadine Bauer, Serena Goldenbaum and Claudia Perschmann.  They all LOVED the products and had favorites of their own.  Basically, it got the stamp of approval.

So here is Sandy, buying this makeup.  Told my sister Natalie about it.  She is a makeup addict.  Then again, she is a qualified makeup artista too!  She did some research and absolutely loves Catrice!

Catrice is amazing makeup at an amazing price!  Anyone can afford it.   If you’re not a M.A.C, Inglot, Makeup Forever, Smashbox or Benefit lady.  Then CATRICE is for you! 

One evening I’m reading a magazine and see Cindy Nel-Roberts on the one page launching a makeup brand in South-Africa in the famous Z.A.R nightclub.  Local celebs  Joelle Kayembe, Sonia Booth, Jenna Dover and Louise Carver attended the launch. Kept reading and it was…. CATRICE!!!

The brand is very popular in Europe and they feel it will be a success in South-Africa with Cindy Nel-Roberts as the local face of Catrice.

Next time you want to buy a little something, go and get some Catrice!  Brilliant makeup!  Loving all their products so far!



Sandylash xx


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15 responses to “Makeup To Have – CATRICE

  1. Love the nail polish colors!!

  2. mishaconradie

    I love all their products too! So far I’m using some of their mascara, nail polishes, foundation and eye shadow. Love it all 🙂

  3. I love make-up too and have never heard of this brand. Is it available in the states?

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  5. Me and this aticrle, sitting in a tree, L-E-A-R-N-I-N-G!

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