Amigos and Amigas.  I have to tell you something.

This is serious!  I’m addicted to SOUTH PARK!

I’m also very “Jersey”! haha.

There is nothing better than …. The Jersey episode on South Park!  OMW.  Talk about brilliance. (Season 14, episode 9)

I can’t even say all the things going through my mind, because I just burst out laughing.  I just hope you watch it!

Basically, it makes fun of the fact that JERSEY and everything from JERSEY is taking over the world!  Think about it!

  • Jersey Shore
  • Jerseylicious
  • The Real Housewives of Jersey
  • Jersey Couture
  • The Cake Boss
  • Glam Fairy

  Basically, the town of South Park gets “infected” with people from Jersey.  The residents of South Park ain’t happy, since Jersey people are loud and make “weird sex noises”.   Randy (the dad) rounds up the towns folk and explains to them the situation.  South Park is being taken over by people from Jersey.

They make fun of the Real Housewives of New Jersey and the peeps from Jersey Shore!  It’s brilliant! 

Best lines?  “Snookie wants smoosh smoosh”!


“It’s a Jersey thing”!

You wont believe who Randy calls to save the day! haha. 

This is what some of the Jersey Shore cast members had to say about this South Park episode!

“MUFF CABBAGE!” ← It’s a Jersey thing! hahaha


Sandylash xx


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14 responses to ““IT’S A JERSEY THING”

  1. I feel bad for saying this. No, I feel Amish. I still need to watch Jersey Shore. I’ve only seen Jerseylicious! ONCE!

    • Hehehehe well. I haven’t watched Jerseyshore actually.. Since I don’t watch MTV. But I’ve seen enough of them on talk shows and so on. Oh love Jerseylicious!!!! Esp now with the new episodes! You must!!! Haha. Muff gabbage! Xx

  2. I gotta admit, I’ve never, ever seen Jersey Shore.
    It just doesn’t appeal to me.
    And South Park…Never gave it a chance. 😛
    I might, someday!

  3. I also LOVE south park, but haven’t seen this one, but I’m sure I have it on my external harddrive, will have a look. I think I have up to season 9 or something…
    I’ve not watched much jerseylicious, only a couple of episodes and well, jerseyshore shouldnt even be classified as TV, I watched it for about 10minutes once and was just like… WTF a bunch of italian americans just fighting all the time and calling each other hoes, so intellectually stimulating! lol

    • PLEASE WATCH IT FI. You will adore it! It’s kak funny. I’ve never watched Jerseyshore actually. Snookie was on Cake Boss yesterday. She talks weird. She actually says “u need tlc asap, lol, yo.” she actually talks sms style.

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