It has arrived in South-Africa!!!!!

What has?

Get yourself in your car and head off to Clicks and add some NYX to your collection.


Well, it’s the makeup used on JERSEYLICIOUS BABY!  Thanks Olivia for your “Lord of the Wing” makeup tutorial!

The Haute Jersey Leopard Couture Palette!!

So grab all ya girlfriends and go spoil yourself with this HOT, SEXY, WILD MAKEUP!!!

Best of all?  It’s cruelty free!!! YAY!


Sandylash xx


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23 responses to “It’s Here: NYX MAKEUP BABY!!!

  1. YAY for cruelty-free! and YAY for NYX!! Going to go buy asap!

  2. Can’t believe I walked right past it the other day, I was wondering WTF all the fuss was about cos they had a huge new makeup stand, and I wandered off to go and buy toiletries. Bad fi.

  3. hahhahaah fi, its coz you’re a snob and im jersey! “it’s a jersey thing”… hahahaha Go buy!!! xx

  4. I also saw it the other day and I thought argh what?! Another shit brand on the market hahaha but I cant wait to try it!

  5. Ah excellent! Now I know what I’m getting my sisters, mom and Best friend for Christmas.

  6. All of my questions stteled-thanks!

  7. Real great info can be found on web blog.

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  10. Patel

    Anyone know who stocks it?

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