Controversial Cartoons with Subliminal Messages

Hello again Pouters!

Gotta love the folks at Disney and / or Hollywood… they’re very naughty indeed! Sexual, racist or sexist refrences in cartoons? *Gasps!* NEVER!


I bet you never noticed these before…

Sex in the Lion KingUh Simba… what was it the kings of the past wanted you to know??

The Little Mermaid’s Original VHS cover with a Ding DongApparently there was a massive lawsuit about this one…

The Bishop (In The Little Mermaid) marrying Ariel and her boyfriend has a boner…

Donald Duck’s racist slur to Daffy Duck…

Jessica Rabbit shows off her Va-Jay-JayIn a random shot, it appears Miss Rabbit shows off her garden

Mr Krabs asks if there’s any “Porn in this store” on Spongebob Squarepants

 Alladin says something to the tiger, then says “Good teenagers take off their clothes”, I can’t hear it but whatever…

And then just a couple funny ones I found on YouTube…

Gotta LOVE the internet! HAHA!!

Have a fab Tuesday lovely Pouters!

Peace and Love xoxox


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One response to “Controversial Cartoons with Subliminal Messages

  1. Weird!!! never ever noticed any of that. *takes out Little Mermaid & Alladin dvd’s.*

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