Katy Perry’s Pink Swissroll Attack

So, is it just me or has Katy Perry had some sort of pre-midlife crisis? I mean, yes I love the pink hair, it’s very Audrey Kitching (and I heart Audrey Kitching to bits!), but honestly? What’s with the Swissroll hairdo at the American Music Awards? And the Grandmaskirt? Then, not only did she go totally candyfloss pink crazy, but she teamed it with a pink spacey top and a pink hillbilly guitar…

Bring stylish Katy Perry from the past back NOW!!!

Hot or not?

You be the judge…

Peace and Love xoxox



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4 responses to “Katy Perry’s Pink Swissroll Attack

  1. She’s a tit. Never liked her. bleh

  2. What do you expect from someone who thinks she’s a plastic bag…
    Me: Hey Katy, how you doing?
    Katy: aaah, I feel like a plastic bag today….

    ohhh yes… I said it.

  3. I like her and her music but WTF??? Seriously???

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