Eyebrows sins

Well hello pretty pouters

Today I will be discussing something that makeup artists hold very dear (well, next to our lovely brushes and shadows) …


Ye, it’s those 2 strips of random hair above your eyes. Now why do we have them? Because we look pretty with them and they protect our eyes from perspiration, (that’s sweat) and to provide shade (ok probably if you have like weird bushes of brows)

Now ladies, unless you are trying to start some random new fashion statement, having ugly bushy brows is just not on. Unless you’re Jack Nicholson)  Also, having ugly shaped brows, is also not flattering.

Now this what your brows should NOT look like:

Now, from the pictures above, What the heck were they thinking? For the first one, I just can’t tell you in how many ways how wrong her brows are, they start in totally the wrong place, they go higher up than her brain fluid probably is but at least she got an arch in there. As for the 2nd girl, shame man, she must’ve shaved off her unibrow, missed it a lot and decided to just draw it back with a permanent marker, and lets not even talk about the lipstick! As for number 3, brow sinner, what the heck is up with that wide space between her brows?  and they don’t even start at the same point.

Seriously girls, if you don’t know how to shape those bushes, go visit a good salon that can either pluck, wax or thread it for you. It really doesn’t matter what method you choose, some find tweezing to be very therapeutic, but I personally prefer waxing, it’s quick and your hair grows back finer and becomes less over time.

Now, if you don’t want to go to a salon, you can try to do it yourself, there are so many tutorials on the internet nowadays, you have absolutely no excuse!

So, not only does shaped brows make you look extra pretty, it also shapes your face and if you have them shaped it opens up your eye and allows more space for you to apply more of the lovely eyeshadow that you love.


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6 responses to “Eyebrows sins

  1. So true, I can’t stand people who dont bother with their brows, especially when they are bushy… Its wack!
    great post 🙂 x

  2. Imagine what other parts may look like! doom doom dooooom

  3. Lucky for me, I have perfect eyebrows and Lashes. 🙂

  4. With the bases loaded you sturck us out with that answer!

  5. I truly treasure your piece of work, Great post.

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