Girls of Rock

Hello again Pouters and happy Friday!

If you, like me, love the strange and eerie and aren’t stereotyped as typically “normal” because you listen to rock music, dye your hair funny colours and like obscene makeup, then this is the post for you.

For years girls of rock have been judged by their sense of style, mainly because it wasn’t society’s take on what is “gorgeous” or “wow”.

Well, I’m here to introduce you to the

Suicide Girls

and all the other alternative/punk/emo/scene models out there making a name for themselves because they are gorgeous in a very non-politically correct way.

Like what you see?

Alternative Models according to Wikipedia:

“Alternative modelling is a branch of the modelling industry that features models who do not conform to mainstream ideals of beauty. Alternative models are often niche-specific, with a personal style that represents subcultures like goth, burlesque, latex and fetishism. An alternative model may for example be tattooed, pierced, or have distinctively subcultural hair (shaved, dyed a distinctively unnatural colour, or in dreadlocks). Alternative modelling can be clothed or unclothed. Alternative modelling was given substantial mainstream media coverage in the last decade, partly through the creation and popularisation of community-based alternative modelling sites, like “GodsGirls” and “SuicideGirls”. Alternative modelling community sites promoted their models for their personality as well as for their looks and portfolio.”

Some of my favourite girls of the Alternative genre are:

Audrey Kitching:

She is an American blogger, model and fashion designer and you can find her on Buzznet where she blogs regularly. Known for her awesome pink hair, Audrey is a pop culture princess and sets trends wherever she goes..

Zui Suicide:

She was a Suicide Girl who made it big and was on TrashyLife with Audrey Kitching

Taylor Momsen:

Known best for her role on Gossip Girl as sweet little Jenny, Taylor really showed her true colours when she started the band The Pretty Reckless and become the rock princess we love her for today. With lyrics that imply that she is a very angry teen and clothes that leave little to the imagination, she’s a bonafide rock rebel

Emilie Autumn:

American singer-songwriter, poet, and violinist; Emilie is known for her strange “Victoriandustrial” and glam rock image and music style. This woman with a violin is scary. She is really good

Michelle “Bombshell” McGee:

Known best for her role in destroying Sandra Bullock’s marriage to Jesse James, she’s not just a homewrecker, but she actually does do some work haha. She’s a fetishist, does pole dancing really well and is a regular at Sexpo all over the world. She’s also really nice as I realised when I met her when Sexpo was in South Africa.

Liz Vicious:

One of the adult industry’s gems, Liz Vicious is actually one of the sweetest people in the world, an adult film darling and a superhero of note (She has a love of comic strips about superhero’s too!). She’s one of my twitter friends and an absolute doll!

Kat Von D:

LA Ink’s awesome chick is probably the most famous on this list and is one of the world’s favourite alternative girls.  Check her out on the TLC channel and you’ll get what we mean…!

What I also love about the girls of the Alternative genre is that they’re not afraid to experiment in the makeup department and go crazy with the eyeliner, eyeshadow and lipstick!

Long Live the Girls of Rock!

Peace and Love xoxox



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11 responses to “Girls of Rock

  1. Awesome! I think I’m only catching up to this trend like now. I’m yet to get my first tattoo. And I doubt I’d go as far as dying my hair Blue but I’d rather settle for maybe a few streaks here and there! 🙂

    • hahaha i sooo wanna dye my hair pink hey, like Audrey Kitching, but I don’t think my boss would like that 😛 as for the tattoos, I’ve got a cherry on my hip – it was KAK sore lol!

  2. hehe. It looks nice when they’re young and funky. Look I’m all for individualism. They’re definitely not “normal” and don’t want to be seen that way. This lifestyle is however ‘normal’ to them. But I don’t care how rebellious or unique and individual you are. they’ll NEVER look good on their wedding day. In a stunning evening dress and so on. xx

    • not nessasarily (spelling?lol) I think some people can pull off loads of tats and I’ve seen girls look much better with a couple of ink spots and sometimes it just makes them look a little fiestier. Like Angelina Jolie for example. When you see a flash of one of her tats under her dresses it looks so gorgeous! But you’re right, most girls simply can’t pull it off as well as Miss Jolie!

  3. No offensive to the Suicide Girls, I just see them as emo pornstars…. And I’m not trying to be funny, but to qualify as an official SG, full nudity is required. Why? Because without the nudity on the site, the SG girls site will not generate enough income from the membership fees of men who will sit and have a wank over someones vag with more metal than aeroplane in it.
    I grew up and went through a rock/rebellious stage. I was in band, a big fan of sporting black all the time and my hair/makeup/style left a lot to be desired. My taste in music hasn’t changed. I still love the music I listened to then, although sometime around the time when I turned 17, I decided the whole HATING THE WORLD thing was a getting a bit old. The pale skin, converse all stars was not considered “smartly dressed”. I think in my own right, I developed my own sense of style, and I like it – just like these girls you mentioned above like theirs, and it really doesn’t matter what anyone thinks.
    I am not a fan of tattoos on women, and I will only ever get certain things tattoo’ed on me (if ever) which would be for me to see/remind me of whatever, not for the world to see. I do not have anything at all against anyone who chooses to do any of the above (ie, posing nude, tattoos, piercings, body modifications, etc etc), and I respect their decisions and rights to do so.
    Unfortunately our society does create impressions upon appearance, and I am the first to say I will judge you just by what you look like. I don’t do it to be mean/nasty/horrible – it is just who I am and I don’t mean any harm by it.
    I do have to wonder what work these girls do for a living – yes, you mentioned some of them above and their style suits their lifestyle, but how about they may need one day a back up plan in life if whatever venture they have gone into doesn’t work, will a corporate ever employ them? Would they ever be able to work as a beautician? Would they be able to work in a hospitality industry? I don’t believe they would.
    And, to end off my speech, like Sandy said, they will never be absolutely drop dead gorgeous, clean and pristine in their wedding dresses, which again may be their choice but when they have grand children looking at the wedding pictures with pink/blue/lumo orange hair, would they want their grand children to express themselves in such a way? If the answer is yes, then they are true to who they have made themselves, if the answer is no, then it probably wasn’t a great idea to get a full sleeve of tattoos…
    There is some of my food for thought on the matter.
    Great post Rindatjie.

  4. Bethany

    It takes all kinds to make this world go round. Some of the SG’s may be nothing more than emo porn girls, but what about the ones who do have themselves inked to remind them of important people/moments in their life and decide that a 10mm flower simply isnt enough? I give them credit for going all out in their choice of lifestyle and not being shy to show it. As for evening wear etc i doubt they would want to be seen in an elegant red-carpet dress, they would choose an outfit more fitting to their style, something dark and sinister, and they would look just as good. Same goes for wedding outfits, i dont think they would go near a conventional white dress, but a wine red dress with black lace would look just as good, if a little controversial… just my 2 cents

  5. ladyhellfire

    Firstly…FI i want pictures of your rock/Rebel days 😛

    As for the blog and the whole SG, here is my 2cents, and i rate they should count for something as i moved from commercial modeling to alternative and back.

    I have to agree with Fi on the whole emo pornstar thing, as Sg exploits girls, i too applied to become a Sg, had my whole set planned, got accepted and then turned against it, as at one stage Sg was done with style and class now it’s all about Tits, ass and Vag! Pretty much the same as every other “alternative model’s profile”

    Alternative modeling is overrated, i had the pink hair, had 9 piercing and was going to get to my ink, i actually did well as an Alt model, shot with fantastic photographers, had a few publications and what not and then it became mainstream, in other words, no more market for it except God’s girls and Sg or any other porn site for that matter. I went back to Commercial modeling, removed my piercings and now i’m blonde again, and the plus side about being me it works i’m 10 x the model i was now and i can still pull alternative shit off, it’s not all about the tat’s and piercings anymore (those things have become NORMAL and can now be seen in some corporate environments) For me its not because i am AGAINST nudity, as i am not at all, i have done nudes but not for Sg but instead with photographers who actually know what they are doing and therefore the images are just so much more tasteful, classy and elegant the last thing you notice is my tits, boobs or vage, so what it comes down to in my opinion apart from the tattoo’s, piercings and colored hair, Sg is tasteless and throws nudity in your face, which can not be seen as Art but as Fi said Porn instead.

    Quick eg.

    Artistic nude:

    Sg nude:

    Which is more appealing? 😉

    P.s. My opinion about ALTERNATIVE modeling – its suppose to be about the art so then why does the boobs and vage become the focal point in the sg image, and in the artistic nude its something you notice but not at first glance 🙂

    That’s all 😛

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